Words of our Fathers: Top 20 Proverbs of the Week

“the words of our fathers” they say “are wise words.” this week readers have the oppourtunity to read twenty of the numerous wise words to come out of Yorubaland, read,enjoy and drink from the fountain of wisdom of our fathers.

(1.)It is lack of authority that makes someone say: “help me buy some Akara, we will eat it together

(2.)It is where there is no open space that an argument occurs over who can beat who in a fight.

(3.)A house that is molded with Saliva will be brought down by the dew

(4.)No matter how big or strong a farm hand is, the person who gave him the work to do of the farm is still his master

(5.)It is only an idle person that shaves a corpse’s head, what will shave a corpse’s head is waiting for it in its grave.

(6.)The farts that the masquerade emits while in his costume will be endured by him alone

(7.)Nobody can prevent a young boy from becoming a leper, but he must be ready to live in the bush alone

(8.)The lawyer that supports the King in a case will never lose

(9.)No matter how many times an Abiku has lived and died he/she can ever be as old as his/her father

(10.)Whether the child will live or it will die, you must still congratulate its mother

(11.)No matter how long and sharp a cutlass is it cannot cut its own handle

(12.)The age difference between a child and his father is not something little

(13.)Someone that has only one piece of live coal to light a fire with, does not play near the river

(14.)You need to be taught how to argue convincingly but fighting is an instinctive behaviour

(15.)No matter how long it may seem, one day “in twenty years” will soon become “tomorrow”

(16.)The reason why the babalawo must communicate with Ifa everyday is because everyday is different from the day before it

(17.)It is when you don’t understand the Ifa code that you gaze up to the sky, the Ifa code is not written across the sky

(18.)Getting married is extremely easy, it is providing money for the family’s upkeep that becomes a problem

(19.)You don’t enter the river, and then start to complain of cold

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