Who should lead, The Jesus Example (3.): He kept it short


This is an issue that I have touched upon in one of my posts on this subject (which you can read here).
The Mo Ibrahim foundation has sought to award prizes to former presidents who demonstrated exemplary leadership, however the prize has not been awarded since 2010 because no African leader has been worthy of the prize. Jesus Christ prepared for a three year ministry  for thirty years. Without the benefit of hindsight, it would look like a waste  of time, but Jesus Christ knew that if his message was  to  spread as much as he wanted it too,  he needed men to come out of his shadow and go places where he knew he could never physically go himself. Of course everyone knows that the lure of the extra term is often too difficult to resist,  but even if someone serves a hundred terms, the business of leadership can never be finished. The leader should be wary of overstaying his welcome, because no matter how good the leader is, like students in class, people are going to get bored and tired of him.  The longer the leader stays, the more mistakes he  is likely  to make and the more people are bound to find things that he is not doing right and the more he tries to stay on to perpetuate his legacy, the more the person coming after him will try to destroy  it.  Jesus teaches us an important lesson with his style of leadership, even  if it is one step that a leader takes in the right direction, then he has succeeded. That is why Jesus Christ  says in  John 17:12 “While I was with them, I kept them in thy name which thou hast given me: and I guarded them, and not one of them perished, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled.” He had a  plan, He knew what he wanted  to do, he knew when his time was up  and he exited the stage when his job was done. At the time he left behind a group of scared followers who felt they had been left in the lurch by their inspirational leader and teacher, but those  “lily livered” followers  were the precursors of the more than two  billion people who practice some form of Christianity. As the proverb  goes ” it is not the amount of teeth in the mouth that counts, even if it’s only two, just  make sure they are white.”

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  1. To be candid, I wish our leaders could emulate jesus christ.one of the cankerworms eating deeply into our leaders is selfishness.greed has overtaken them in the race. Also, the poverty mentality & coveteousness are so strong that all they crave is more more more.

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