What Happiness Means: World Happiness Day

I was listening to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” a few days ago, and one thing that stuck in my mind from the song lyrics is the question “what does happiness mean to you?” here are Fifty out of the lots of things that mean happiness to me. They mean happiness to me because I have them, I see them, or because I can do them.


God                             Food                     Football        Intelligence          Money

Music                                Books                    Writing         Talking                Beautiful people

Babies                               Brothers                Sisters           Friends            Followers

Hugs                                 Dad                          Mom            Nephews             Nieces

Kisses                               Church                    Nature          Perfumes            Beauty

Movies                            Debates                   Projects       Adventure          Fantasies

Sleep                      Shelter          Charity           Falling in Love       Being entertained

Wonderful Memories   Reunions                 Picnics          Weddings               Sunshine

Smiles                       Hearty Laughs          Libraries           Success            Ice cream

Happy People              Nature Pictures         Art           Beautiful Women        Beauty

So what does Happiness mean to you?

happy 2

This piece is written in Commemoration of the United Nations World Happiness day “Hakuna Matata” “don’t worry, be happy”   

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