Wakaabouts Of Penocrat: Are These Ones Christians?

Hello wonderful readers, welcome to our Waakaabouts of Penocrat for today. our regular guest Penocrat is here once again, today she is ranting about the Pentecostal brand of Nigerian Christianity that is making Christianity unattractive to outsiders. It is a similar post to this one she wrote sometime in June. Read and enjoy her rant for today

My mum is a milliner. In simpler English; she makes hats. December last year, I began learning the art. I took some of her materials and tried my hands on a simple style, but I needed synthetic feathers to beautify my work. Since it was a play play sontin, Mum promised to pluck some off the fowls we wanted to assassinate for Xmas.

That fateful December 24th Night, my mum plucked off a few feathers and kept them on the kitchen sink; very close to the window. Seeing them, I was very excited but my joy was short lived when I noticed they were damp. Mom said it was as a result of the hot water poured on the fowls, Well, I wasn’t listening. I wanted those feathers dried. I needed to work. In fact, I was feeling like one designer who had people on her neck. Immediately I opened the windows to let the Harmattan dry up the feathers, a whirl wind blew and transported my materials across the fence, and into the next compound. I couldn’t go in search of them; It was a dark night. This job is hard. I should consider retirement.

The next morning, I ran into that compound to pick the feathers. I met a young man, whom I greeted and explained my ordeal to. Immediately, he shifted away from me and started speaking in tongues. Violently! My confusion increased when I noticed some other people came out of their houses to also ” rebuke me in Jesus name”. Later, they showed me, where they’ve burnt the feathers and emptied two bottles of anointing oil on the ash. I got so angry that I began to cry. As I was leaving the compound, I heard them shouting; ” owner of evil load, carry your load! Untimely death is not our portion! ”
These days, I don’t like telling people I’m a Christian. Not because I’m ashamed of the religion. No. Not at all. it is  because introducing myself as a Christian, means I must quickly add; ” Not that type of irrational, ugly, and mind boggling Christian.” Some people have really succeeded in making the idea of Christianity, very unattractive, I must say. They have redefined it as a judgmental concept coated in hypocrisy.

Christianity, especially in Nigeria, has been crucified on the crosses of hate, greed, irrationality, power, and control. This things clock me out emotionally! In some churches, the word ” Good morning” is carnal. You’re only permitted to say ” Bless you, brother or sister”. Anything other than that will get you into the lake of fire and brimstone, faster than you can imagine.

Some Christians don’t smile. Ordinary smile! No, it’s carnality! So they walk around with squeezed faces all their lives.In fact, the tighter the frown, the deeper the evidence of their spirituality, and the closer they are to the gates of heaven. That was how I stupidly raised up my head in a bus to greet a woman, and the next thing, she blasted in tongues; pouring saliva all over my body. Later she brought out her bible to preach to me that my makeup was like that of the queen of the coast.

A friend of mine once told me his pastor lied to him. He shared his problems with his pastor, who noted that the secret was between both of them and God. Well, it was preached as a sermon the next Sunday. If this is how Christianity is, ayam not doing again!

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