Trivia Nigeria: States and Capital cities

Niger State (North Central) is the biggest state in Nigeria with 76,363 sq Kilometres but it has only a population of 3,950,249(2006 estimate)an population density  of just 52 people per square kilometre

The smallest state is Lagos(South West) with just 3,345 sq kilometres but a population of over 10  million people it is the most populated State in nigeria  its population density 2690 people per sq km of land

Niger, the largest state is more than 22 times as large as Lagos the smallest but  it has only less than a third of its population

Zungeru near Minna in Niger state once served as the capital of Nigeria during the colonial era
Among all the original regional capitals nigeria had at independence, only Ibadan(Oyo State) is yet to become a state

Niger might be the biggest state but Ibadan(Oyo State, SW) is the  largest state capital in Nigeria 1,190 square kilometres, it is also the largest single metropolis

The area called Nigeria has had four capitals Calabar (Cross River state) served as the seat of Government of the Niger Coast protectorate,Southern Protectorate and oil river protectorate (which became Nigeria),Zungeru(Niger State), Lagos(Lagos) state until 1991 and Abuja (formerly Niger State) till date

Lagos was the first state in Nigeria by virtue of being the capital of the the british colony.  According to the date of creation the last (36th) state is Zamfara created from the old Sokoto state in 1996

all the states in Nigeria was created by the millitary Government

All the presidents of Nigeria from the South West have come from Abeokuta in Ogun State
the Highest point in Nigeria is Chappal Waddi near the Nigeria Cameroon border in Taraba State (North East) while the lowest point is the altlantic ocean

ikeja (Lagos, SW) is the only state capital that is not an independent town

The South West region is the largest distinctly ethnically homogenous geographical area with the with Yoruba constituting a total of more than 95% the six states (Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, Ekiti and Lagos) of the population in the region

with Lagos and Ibadan the South West Region has the highest population density in Nigeria despite the fact that it is the fourth smallest region in Nigeria

The South east  region has only five states the North central on the other hand has seven

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