Three Poems… And why I do not write poetry

Sometimes ago I was looking through my old stuff when I found this old book of poems I had written when I was serving in Federal Government College, Minna Niger state in 2011. Then I saw three of them so cheesy and tacky that I remembered becoming self conscious and hiding them when I finished them. To be fair , I was an easily bored and  naive 21 year old, who was listening to too much Bruno Mars than was good for him, so don’t laugh at  me too much.  I talked about it with friends on social media who dared me to post those poems. Let me inform you the poems you are reading here have never been seen by another pair of eyes. I was not sure about it initially, but now I feel  that I should share those poems online, to remind myself how much I have grown as a writer, and to remind myself of why I should never write love poetry… Or any poetry for that matter.

Maybe I am not as invincible as I thought I was
Maybe I am not as cold as I think I am
Maybe I am not as strong as I thought I would be
Maybe I have been struck, brought down by the arrow of the blue eyed god
Spreading the bug dragging my soul into an engulfing maelstrom
Maybe life will not be complete
Until I lay my hands on something I want

She is just sitting there oblivious
Maybe I should just say what I think
Maybe I should be patient first
Maybe she feels the same way too
Or maybe she’ll just say no
And kick my soul into the abyss
Maybe she’ll fulfill my dreams
Maybe I shouldn’t be feeling this way
… Or Maybe
…. Maybe
                                                                           (July 16 2011)
                                                                       Minna Niger State

That was elementary and totally bland, even by my own standards… You think so too? It gets worse

Waiting for your call
Sitting on my bed alone
Waiting for my phone to ring
My heart rises and falls
Hoping you would call
You promised you’d call yesterday
As you did the day before
If only you’d just remember
I’ll be grateful forever

The phone rings
But it is only my friend
Inviting me to a party
But there is no way I am leaving this crib
When I am waiting for your beep
But I am still sitting here
Wishing I had collected your number
As the clock ticks slowly away
My hearts rises and falls while I am waiting for you to call
                                                                      (July 19 2011)
                                                                    Minna, Niger State

This third one didn’t feel half bad when I wrote it, but it hasn’t aged well… you are free to make your deductions

Touching Heaven
The soft billowing breeze whispers passion
Its voice is music to the soul
It is the voice of my desire
Her voice puts my soul on fire

Her eyes lovely like the newborn doe
Radiant like the early morning sunshine
When I gaze in their sparkling depths
My soul is filled with the music of a thousand minstrels

She stretches her hand to touch mine
It is the touch of a divine being
Breathing love and passion to a parched and longing heart
Bring dreams of joy and passion to a weary heart

If I may touch this angel once
Before I am consumed in her roaring flames
For what mortal may see an angel from heaven
And live?

I dare to stretch my hand to touch her and it is
Touching heaven
                                                                           (August 2011)
                                                                      Minna, Niger State

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  1. Funny enough, they ain’t tacky as you think. Me thinks I’ve written worse!!! haha…Plus we all can relate with the feelings…and that’s the essence of poetry (at least one)…*winks*…art is art…even tacky is art. *grins*

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