Thoughts on the Ministerial Screening of 22/10/2015

After the events of Tuesday, Thursday was the day the 8th Nigerian Senate, chose to screen some more nominees into ministerial positions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I followed the process, and as hopefully will become regular practice for me until the process ends, I have a few thoughts to share.

The Yoruba saying goes “No matter how long it may seem, in twenty years time, will become tommorow.” It was the day everyone has been waiting for. The screening of  the Rivers State Nominee, former two term Speaker of the Rivers state HOS and two term Governor  Honourable Rotimi Amaechi.

That was a different Honorable Amaechi on the senate floor , anyone who was at Ake  Arts and Book  Festival last year, would instantly understand what I am talking about  perhaps he was expecting  a roasting, given the whole drama that had preceded this day.

I saw the first  signs that  the PDP senators who were waging a war against the nominee were not going to find a leg to stand, when Hon. Amaechi, mentioned that one of the Rivers State Senators was his roommate at RSUST and another was a former commissioner in  his Government, talk about covering your bases like a  boss.

Seems the PDP haven’t got this opposition thing figured out yet,  One of the most crucial points of this whole process, and the cat got your tongues, just like that?

And what was that  nonsense Senator Godswill Akpabio and Senator Ali Ndume were doing? How long are we going to endure this kind of behavior from our distinguished senators *facepalms*.

I would have unleashed a lot more venom if I hadn’t  found this from Chioma Chuka, I just decided to leave it at that.


Some people began to argue that the APC should take up the gauntlet and question  Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi,  Does anyone honestly expect a man to see the back of his own head? at this rate  Nigeria may as well end up a one party state if Senator Godswill Akpabio and his PDP cacaus can’t even get the most basic function of the opposition right?

That said the APC did at least try to give the impression that they were questioning Hon. Amaechi, and some good questions such as that one from Senator Gbenga Ashafa  from Lagos, but in the end, nobody was fooled, no siree, nobody at all.

And Amaechi enjoyed him self so immensely that he could still throw shades and subs at people, The Jonah Jang shade was clear enough, so was the GEJ sub, I thought I found a Senate President Bukola Saraki sub somew… Hey! Don’t touch my tinfoil hat.

And frankly, the actual  screening  of Honourable  Rotimi Amaechi was anticlimactic, after all the pressure in the buildup *sigh*

And then Rotimi Amaechi  said He has never collected a bribe before in his life… I think there is something yellow and stinking in my boxers from all the laughing I did

I wish I could find that tweep that said “Corruption is difficult to define, when former President GEJ tried to define it, he landed in hot water” if you are that tweep I owe you a drink Sensational!!!

When Rotimi Amaechi was finally allowed to leave the  senate chambers, the noise that followed him out said it all  when the Dog goes into the Tiger’s den and returns unscathed…

But I can’t  let the performance of the PDP senators go just like that, I will put on my tinfoil hat and say what happened was beyond what we saw, I won’t rule out intimidation from some quarters.

That said, who else noticed that Senator Godswill Akpabio was not his  jocular, wisecracking self throughout the screening? He looked understandably  angry and unhappy. I bet He was kicking himself for bungling the critical assignment he was given to do

The next nominee from  Bayelsa State Heineken Lokpobiri  got off lightly, He was the lucky one who took advantage of a senate chambers so frosty after the Amaechi screening that you could ice a bottle of Heineken in there, sorry I tried to resist the pun, but the flesh is weak.

It didn’t help that the next nominee Professor Claudius Omoleye Daramola had the presentation skills of an Oven

Seriously how did this kind of person  become a professor? it would be interesting to find out what school he teaches in and how his students cope, boooooring!

There are two kinds of people you should never appoint to a cabinet, one is a career politician, the other is an academic who has never left his ivory tower, Adebayo Shittu is an example of the former, Claudius Daramola  is the example of the latter

I felt he had some good ideas to pass across,and he looks qualified, but it was a classic case of bad presentation ruining good ideas

Honorable Baba Shehuri Mustapha, who came after Prof. Daramola was asked one question and was told to bow and go. After the whole thing Prof. Daramola  put them through, I could almost understand that the Senators were begging for relief, but again that is not a valid excuse, given that this is part of what we pay them millions of naira to do.

Then came James Ocholi, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a ministerial nominee from Kogi State

If you still believe that Adebayo Shittu still has a leg to stand on after that scintillating performance from James Ocholi, you deserve nothing but pity

Some people are not very good at  expressing themselves but they will do well if given the opportunity to perform, that is the lamest stupidest excuse I have seen given, especially for a lawyer.  How can you spend 35 years in politics and still be struggling with what to say and how to say it? You should cover your face in shame

With him, the Senate chambers came back alive

His presentation was so awesome I didn’t realize when this came out


For everybody who had watched the unsatisfactory Amaechi screening, and the groundhog day that was Daramola’s, James Ocholi’s screening  was a just reward for not turning off our TVs, or changing channels.

Message to Barr Shittu: can you see your fellow colleague of the bar? conveying your ideas to people  without sounding like Baba Suwe  is not rocket science, but then it is probably too late for old dogs to learn new tricks.

Well I think we should just stop here for now, I could go on and on, but let us save some breath for the ministerial nominees coming up on Tuesday next week.

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