Thoughts From the Ministerial Screening of 20/10/2015

October the 20th saw another round of screening for  nominees into Ministerial positions in the Federal republic of Nigeria, I watched the whole process live and the following are a few of my thoughts on the process.

I knew it was going to be an interesting  day when Barrister Adebayo Shittu got to the senate floor  and called the Senate, the most productive senate in Africa, Haba! Daddy Shittu are you an ambassador for a detergent company? You can wash o!

Why does Adebayo Shittu  have Islamic Scholar as a qualification in a CV sent as a ministerial nominee in a secular state? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem here

Then he dropped that clanger by suggesting “religious leaders should be paid officials,  we are already complaining about how untouchable they are as it is , you want to pay them. sense?

That said the priest in my church once said he saw a vision of me becoming a pastor, if we are going to have policies like  what Barrister Shittu is proposing, perhaps I should start taking that vision more seriously

Many people heard the thing he said about paying religious leaders, most didn’t hear what he said were his reasons ” That if the country were moralized, we wouldn’t spend such a huge amount on security ” and that “God is the greatest protector”,   is this a nightmare? Can someone please wake me up?

Ayo Sogunro, couldn’t have said it any better

There was just no way to stop Barrister Shittu  from putting his foot in his mouth. He again dropped that clanger about politics being the greatest profession, I nearly popped a blood vessel from the shock, I really need to revise my opinion of lawyers

I have a high opinion of lawyers, as I have a number of smart ones as family and friends, I even once tried to get one to go out with me, unfortunately she refused

Therefore if I am nitpicking the fault of lawyers because I am a pained lover boy, I agree, but did a lawyer, called to the Nigerian bar no less, say ” My names are” on the floor of the senate? And those ones on twitter will be carrying nose and shoulder pad in the air like they don’t defeacate, can you see your life outside?

All of you old people that keep complaining that educational standards were higher than what we have at present, here is a man with his grey beard who just said “My names are” on the floor of the senate. I laugh in moral high ground

I say this about former President Olusegun Obasanjo, all the time, for his many faults, he knows how to pick the best brains to work with, President Muhammadu Buhari? errm! Not so much

The likes of BRF and Kayode Fayemi were party gimmes. Adebayo Shittu is what you get when you allow Muhammadu Buhari to pick his own nominees, utterly shocking and disappointing

To be clear, I stand by my decision on  Buhari and I still think he is best for Nigeria at this point, but on this issue, my estimation of President Muhammadu Buhari, has gone down seriously

That said isn’t Governor Abiola Ajimobi the leader of APC in Oyo State? How in hell did Buhari manage to run a nominee like Shittu past him? Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State asserted his own nominee, what was Ajimobi thinking?

What real benefits do states derive from having a minister? I humbly admit my lack of knowledge and anyone that knows should epp me

Then came Honorable Khadija Abba Ibrahim, from Yobe State

I cannot agree more with Chibundo Onuzo on this

Someone tell me why “distinguished”  senators of the federal republic  were giggling and roaring like a bunch of 13 year olds being taught the reproductive system in Biology, because one of their colleagues brought his wife to work. That wasn’t okay at all, but then maybe I am the one who doesn’t know how to have fun.

Honorable Abba Ibrahim is just cute with her glasses, perhaps, all ’em Muslim girls ain’t so bad after all. for the record she can get it any… Hey! stop staring at me, I have freedom of speech don’t I?

See the way Senator Abba Ibrahim, protected his wife? it would have been so romantic if it wasn’t a clear case of nepotism

I saw some Twitter “feminists” arguing that senator Abba should not be protecting his wife, he should allow her to show her competence like the others. Any movement that espouses that kind of ideal can’t be be all bad

Did anyone else find it hilarious that Babatunde Fashola, the Lagos state nominee got asked questions about Boko Haram but Honourable Khadija Abba Ibrahim, the Yobe (an actual BH state) nominee was told to bow and go? Can I get some of what these senators have been drinking?

Does anybody else still have any hope that anything good is going to come out of that Nazareth of the 8th senate, frankly I don’t… It is going to be a long four years *sigh*

I suspected something was amiss when they told Dr Chris Ngige to “bow and go” the other day, but this was the lowest depth the senate have sunk yet, someone put me out of this misery. And to think they had said it wasn’t going to be business as usual.

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