#THOUGHTIVITYFEATURE: Five Things You Should Know About  ProjectREED

Hello Folks, You are welcome to the very first piece on  Thoughtivity.com for this year. We hope it will be a fabulous year for you and your family. We hope you stick around this year as you always do and we promise to bring you timely content as we always do.

So our very first post this year is a feature on an initiative created to help support young students who wish for sound education but do not have access to the facilities.  This initiative is called Project  REdefining EDucation ( Project REED).

What is This ProjectREED you are talking about?

ProjectREED  (Project Redefining Education) is an social change initiative which  was created with the aim of giving 60,000 Nigerian students, in 37 schools across the 36 states and the FCT, access to Reading Tables, Chairs and Books on Personal Development.

The Initiative is coordinated by Ayobayo Kolapo a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and a passionate advocate for good leadership and social development. She works alongside a team of eight young changemakers who share her passion for social change. There is also an additional volunteer force spread across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

So what does ProjectREED hope to achieve?

The aim of ProjectREED is to  inspire young students regardless of their socio-economic levels find a greater purpose. Reconciling academics with morals to curtail the endemic social problems in the society. By providing access to youth coaching, mentoring programs and books on personal development aimed towards character building, thereby developing the next generation of role models, leaders and change agents, who contribute positively to the long-term sustainabilty and well-being of society.

Wow! That is a great initiative. I certainly want  to be part of it. How can I help?

For Project REED to achieve its aims, it needs about four million naira (4, 000, 000 NGN) Thus Four thousand (4000) visionary & selfless Nigerians can make this possible if each one  donate just ₦1,000. Find out how you can donate


Is that the only way I can support ProjectREED? 

ProjectREED already has the support of international organizations like AIESEC, Global Shapers, The Mastercard Foundation among others . However the projects still needs more volunteers, so you can also support the initiative by joining the team of volunteers.  Find out how you can do that on www.projectreed.com.ng

And if I want more information about ProjectREED?

Follow @theprojectreed on Twitter and Instagram for more information. You can  send a mail to Ayobayo Kolapo herself at  ayobayo@projectreed.com.ng reach out to her on Twitter and Instagram.

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