ThoughtivityFeature: Be A Part Of The PP40 Initiative In Ibadan


What is This PP40 INITIATIVE you are talking about?

 The PP40 Initiative  started back in 2017 when the team lead for the project, Jumoke Olowookere decided that  she  should find way to give back to Ibadan, since she had lived all her  life in the city, and Ibadan is the only home she knows. She decided that she had  to do something about her concerns about waste management  in Ibadan. It was at the same time that she also realized that children of public schools in Ibadan are at a  disadvantage in the terms of access to the study of  and practice of Art and and also access to beautiful playgrounds, especially compared to the International School Ibadan, where she had worked before.  The Lord gave her  this idea in the as she sought His face on what to do next with her  life as  her 40th birthday (which will come up sometime in 2018) approached.


 What does PP40 hope to achieve?

 The idea for the project  is to  join hands with  children, in selected public schools in Ibadan, to convert the waste they can gather around their communities. The team then goes to  teach the children how to convert these waste products to designs to make their playgrounds more attractive.  The team will go to 40 schools all around Ibadan ( in 2018) to mark  the team lead’s 40 years of existence in the city of Ibadan. The PP40 team has done 3 Schools so far. Namely Ebenezer Anglican School 1&2, Akingbile Moniya, C $S New Eden Schools 1$2, Mokola Hill, and Army Children Schools 1,2&3, Mokola Barracks, all in Ibadan.


That is a great initiative. I certainly want  to be part of it. How can I help?

 The team is in need of volunteers, so you can help by  volunteering your time and skills  for the PP40 project  in a school (the list of which will be sent out soon) near you. The team also needs financial support in order to make the project a reality and nothing given is too small. The team will also  appreciate donations of  Art  items like acrylic paint, big ropes, nails and logs of teak and art materials. PP40 is also interested in partnering with interested corporate bodies as well as Old Students Associations interested in such projects for their Alma Mata.

And if I want more information about the PP40 INTIATIVE?

 You can follow  the PP40 project Facebook page or reach out to PP40 team lead Jumoke Olowookere on Facebook or call +2348023603977 for more information.


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