#ThoughtivityConversations: 10 Questions With LadyTolu and Femi

Hello folks, welcome to Thoughtivity’s Creative Conversations (aka #thoughtivityconversations). This is the second edition(we have the first edition here, in case you wish to read it) of the conversation series, where we ask creatives in various fields a series of light hearted questions about life and we share their responses. If you have been following us, you will notice that the last edition was done in December last year. The more than three months of delay was due to me trying to decide whether to make it a regular column or not. Finally the decision has been made, So editions of the column will occur more regularly from now on.

Today we have two creatives Lady Tolu and Femi on the blog to answer our 10 questions. So sit back and be entertained by these two young people as they share snippets of their respective worldviews with us.

Which Language so you dream in?

LadyTolu: I dream in English naaa

Femi : Lol… Never really given this a thought though. English I guess

You have a loaded gun pointed at your head, you must sing a song from beginning to the end without missing any of the lyrics or you’ll get shot, which song are you singing?

Femi: Tough choice but I guess I’ll go with Labrinth’s Treatment

LadyTolu: And the thing go skraaaah.. (Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq) Maybe Abortion by Lil Wayne.

Karaoke or Dance?

LadyTolu: I’m bad at singing , worse at dancing .

Femi: Karaoke. I have more faith in my frog voice than my two left legs (Chuckles).

Do you believe in writer’s/creative’s block?

LadyTolu: I think so.

Femi: I think it’s a matter of perception really. But I guess writer’s block is as good a description for the condition/state than any other term.

If you could travel back in time, which era would you go to and why?

Femi: The Renaissance. It’s an intriguing era. The creativity, the power moves… I just want to know… what was in their water that they were all so richly blessed?

LadyTolu: Maybe secondary school days. I miss the feeling of knowing all the latest songs in the world and being known as a “bubbler” (Slang for someone who knows the latest songs).

Which would you rather have? Super speed or telekinesis (ability to move things with your mind)?

Femi: Super speed biko. Who Telekinesis epp?

LadyTolu: Super speed . I’m always late.. I’ll most definitely be late for my wedding.. I plan to !!

You have the opportunity to ask any figure from history a single question, which figure would you choose, and what would you ask them?

LadyTolu: Abacha! (Late General Sanni Abacha, former military president of Nigeria) How did you f**king do it?

Femi: Leonardo Da Vinci I think. Where did he keep his blueprints?

You have been offered a glimpse of your future for the next ten years, you have the option of either reading it as a book or watching it as a movie, what option are you going with?

Femi: I’m not really a movie person so it’s reading it as a book for me.

LadyTolu: A movie. Also it has to be in the cinema, otherwise it will take me months before I watch it. As a matter of fact it can take me years to read one book.

Which three books do you believe an African of your age should have read and why?

Femi: Wizard of the Crow (Ngugi Wa’ Thiongo ). It provides a delightful insight into the everyday psyche of the “African Leader” and also masterfully highlights our everyday struggle against “bad leadership”.

The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho). Simply put, The Alchemist will make you reassess and change your life. The way you live it, the way you approach it … Everything!

Roots (Alex Haley). One Word, “Kunta Kinte”.

LadyTolu: Without A Silver Spoon (Eddie Iroh), Ijapa Tiroko Oko Yannibo (Ojo Olagoke) and The Incorruptible Judge.(Olu Olagoke) Why? Because LadyToluu flipping read them all!

Which song best describes your feelings about Nigeria

LadyTolu: Lmaoooooooo. Nigeria Jaga Jagaa everything scatter scatter… I want to get out get out .. Gbosa gbosa before they blow my head. Eeedris Abdulkareem ft Ladytoluu merix!(remix)

Femi: God Heal Nigeria by Threadstone

Femi is Oluwafemi Ojosu, Lawyer and Associate at Tunde & Adisa Legal Practitioners. He dabbles into spoken word poetry on occasion and rants from time to time on his blog, TheRain’s Assylum. He would also appreciate it if you find him on his twitter.

Lady Tolu is Tolulope Soile, self styled “Chairlady” is something of a force on Twitter. She has a background in technology, her eyes on a career as a Presenter/VJ, an addiction to YMCMB, and a blog where you can find her podcasts

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