Poem of the Day: The Muse Plays

(In the tinderbox that Nigeria has become, some individuals are still interested in the visions of our forefathers for a united Nigeria.   These individuals, are being sent to their early graves because of the increasing inability of Nigeria to care for its own )  

The Muse Plays

The  muse bitter, raging, relentless plays on my fears

Turning my dreams into an unending nightmare

……………. Of charred corpses

……………… of bloody rivers seeping into the dust

……………… of the scarred survivors of a needless battle

The muse plays on my fears of an impending doom

Casting the world in shadows of gloom

……… of ghosts walking the world their work undone

Of great dreams ended in blood and fire

Of betrayal and lost souls crying for justice

The muse plays on my rushing rage

Leaving pondering on the brevity of this earthly page

On black days and mournful nights

 On despairing dependants and lecherous leaders

But underneath the consuming maelstrom the still small voice of hope

 For a great nation and blood washed whiteness

For the country of dreams and legends of daring heroes

 ( for all the corps members who have lost their lives in the service of Nigeria)

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