The Begining

 As  I sit down its only a little while before I finish my compulsory one year service year. with the school and the nschool Children out of the way, I hope to finally begin to maintain a stable blog. Until now its been difficult for me to establish and maintain a blog but now I hope I’ll finally be able to espouse my ideas for everyone to see and learn from

     I am a bit of a wheeler dealer, so you can expect a potpourri of ideas on a range of different topics, different positions and issues, I hope readers should enjoy my wide range of interests. regular updates. I just hope you have a good time reading whatever I have put down. I’ll try my best to keep on the side of law and civility. My goal is to come out  a better personality each time i put something down here. I also hope you will come out of it better informed. You are welcome

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