The Begining

This is the begining of a new phase of my life as I write this, I am about to finish my service year and as I go into my new life I hope I will be able to blend the responsibilites of a blogger with my new lifestyle, I hope now that having left the school and school Children behind, I hope I will now be able to work steadily on the internet. I hope anybody who reads this blog will be able to learn from my wide range of interests. readers are to expect a potpourii of ideas, positions on issues. while I’ll want to as much as possible keep on the side of civility, the odd radical comment or wild streak may pop up once in a while. 

         I promise readers that they will enjoy content that is good and original, Information, entertainment anything you want. in all I hope to become better and better after each post I add and I hope the reader would come to understand my personality and sometimes wacky point of view on issues. I welcome criticism, as i feel it will make me better. I will summarize this in three words: YOU ARE WELCOME.

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