Seven Lessons from the Land of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by Frank L. Baum’s and published in 1900, has been acclaimed as one of the most popular adventure books of all time, enjoyed by both adults and children alike. But more than the book being a popular children’s book, it is filled with lessons that can help us in our journey through life, in the piece we have made a summary of just seven (7) of them. whether you are a student, an employee or an enterpreneur, The Wizard of Oz has something to teach you. By the time you finish the article, hopefully you would have picked up a lesson or two that will positively affect your life



Discover your talents for yourself, do not let a charlatan take credit for helping you discovering the gift you have

Because the tin woodsman needed a heart, the scarecrow needed brains, the lion needed courage, and Dorothy needed to get to get back home, they had to go to the Emerald city to look for the mighty wizard of Oz. As it  turns out, Oz is only a little man with no magic powers at all, Yet he still managed to dupe the travelers into believing he is the real deal. Dupes are like that, they take credit for what they don’t know anything about. As Glinda, the good witch of the North told Dorothy  afterwards “if you had known the power of the shoes you have on, you would have used it to get home long ago.” You don’t need a star to affirm that you have talent, if you keep waiting for a magic potion or fireworks display that would prove the physical manifestation of your gift, you are setting up yourself for a fake to take advantage of you. Right in you are the gifts and talents that you need to succeed, Discover them before someone else does, and uses it to improve his own ratings


    Do not grow gray and rusty from doing the same old things, leave your comfort zone

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry  had lived  in the dreary and dusty Kansas Prairies for such a long time that they had gone dull and grey as well. Their lives in the dusty Kansas town had been so affected by the grim conditions that they neither laughed nor understood why anyone else needed to laugh.

Anatole France puts says:  “wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the Universe.

The need for us to embark on eye opening journeys like the one in “The Wizard of Oz” is  summed up by famous writer Mark Twain where he opines

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness and many people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad wholesome views of men and d things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all the time.”

Travel widens the imagination; it broadens the mind, and brings us to the understanding of the world around us. The new experiences you get earns you respect. As Dorothy and Toto found out, travelling gives you the opportunity to do things you  think you are incapable of. It allows you to understand your personality when you are out of familiar waters. It helps you improve your perception of yourself and it certainly gives you opportunity to help people in need and become a hero. If Dorothy had stayed back in her dusty dreary Kansas town, she would not have had a chance to meet a talking scarecrow, the munchkins, a cowardly Lion, or a band of flying monkeys. It wont pay you to vegetate in one spot while everybody else share their stories. it is time to start living your own journeys and witnessing your own stories. As the popular saying goes, Airinjina ni a ri abuke Okere, ti enia bar in daadaa yo ko eja to yaro.(the reason why one has never never seen a souirrel with a hunchback is because one has not travelled far enough if you travel wide enough you will see a lame fish).    As the Scarecrow himself puts it “it is very tedious perched here day and night to scare away crows” if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, it will eventually become a tedium zone, because as the popular saying goes, “a river that continually stands still will eventually become dirty and start to stink.” Don’t  be a Scarecrow stuck on a pole  or Tin Woodsman, rusting away in a house somewhere, because of his inability to go out. You are good for much more than being in single spot scaring away crows, Get out of that house, tackle that new job, make those new friends, go on that holiday, get down from that pole you are hanging from and get on the move, follow your dreams, Who knows: whether like the Scarecrow and the Tin woodsman who began their journeys as lonely creatures, but ended it as kings of kingdoms,: you might finally find happiness.




                                       Learn how to use your Aces to your advantage

When Dorothy Gale was blown into Munchkingland by the tornado, her house landed on the wicked witch of the East, and killed her. That action, which the young girl could not performed by herself would become a major help in her journey in the land of Oz. the cap of the winged monkeys and the silver shoes also helped her in her journey.  In life you would get things that would boost you up, call it luck, call it opportunity, call it fortune. For some, it might being born into a rich family, for some it might be a mentor pitching in with useful advice, for some it might be responsible parents, for some it might be faithful friends. That is the natural law of the Universe to ensure that nobody ever has cause to complain about life’s unfairness.  Stay in touch with reality, and use self-improvement to learn what works for you; do not worry about what other people have that you don’t. Honestly assess yourself and understand the things you have, that they don’t, those are your own pair of silver shoes. Don’t waste your time wandering all over the jungle, when you have a cap you can use, you already have a talent that will take you places, find it and use it.


 Turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength; use it to get the help you need

When people give you advice, people will generally tell you to work to your strengths, as your strong points are your greatest assets. While it is true that it is what you know how to do best that will keep you moving and raise your belief in yourself, it is what will get you noticed among others and turn you into a star, your greatest strength is  the key that will unlock the door of your success.

On the other hand however the wizard of Oz advises us that sometimes. what will get us the help we need to succeed is not our strengths but our weaknesses. As Jesus Christ says:  “the healthy do not need a doctor, It is people who are sick need a healer to heal them.” The scarecrow’s strength was to chase crows, but it was his greatest weakness, the fact that he had no brains, that made him want to seek Oz for help and prompted him to join the team, have the plenty of adventures and finally changed his destiny. Likewise the Tin woodsman’s skill was as a woodcutter but it was  his need for a heart that prompted him to join the party to the emerald City. It was also the cowardly lion’s need for courage that prompted him to join in the adventure.  The lesson here is that, while many people get defeated because of their disability, continually bashing themselves and feeling worthless, they wallow in self pity because they feel they are at a disadvantage, because of the fact that their weakness cannot allow them to compete with others. You should learn that your disability does not mean you are not complete. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Obviously, a one-legged man can accept the need for a crutch.
Don’t be too proud to know that.



Learn to use your appearance to your advantage

The first thing that happened when Dorothy Gale and the other members of her party got to the Emerald City was that they were issued green glasses by the man in charge of the gate. For the rest of their visit, everything they saw was green and shiny, and that fact made the City look even more exotic and strange.  Oz himself might be a con artist, but we can gain a lesson from him on how to inspire awe through appearance. The reason while the Human Resources and Public Relations business has become popular business is that people need a positive image to attract people to the. No one needs to be told that a positive physical and mental image attracts people like light attracts flies, as someone said “no one wants to work under or near a dark cloud, no matter how intelligent that cloud may seem.”  While you might not be a star for now, you still need to protect the things that matter, your reputation is very important, protect it with your life, because if you soil your reputation it may be difficult for you to get good reviews even if you are the most intelligent person on earth. The fifth law in Robert Greene’s 48 laws of Power says it all. Everything matters when your appearance is involved. Your appearance has to be cultivated carefully, the four travelers for instance could approach Oz for help because he appeared to be able to help them. Your appearance must embody your values, because by looking at you people can understand what you stand for.  This is why you need to be careful so that you do not pass across the wrong message.  If you want to be treated like an adult, appear to be one, if you want to be treated like a child then appear like one, your behaviour will also go a long way to show the kind of person you are. Do not let your guard down for one moment, avoid dark corners and shady deals, because your reputation is like an egg, once it is broken you might not be able to get it whole again. It must be noted that your appearance is more than the way you dress and the words you say, the friends you keep, the places you visit, your tolerance for people from other races; people with disabilities; and the less privileged, are part of what makes up your appearance. These are the things that you must be careful about. Dorothy was no witch but she was feared by the munchkins because of the silver shoes she wore. Your worth in the eyes of people will increase if you create yourself to show you are worthy of handling your responsibilities.




A  good team does not have to be a group of the best people in the business. Even a group of wierdos who are willing to work together will do.

You can never almost find a motlier group than one comprising of a little lost girl and her little dog, a strange looking cloth and straw scarecrow, a tin woodsman and a cowardly lion. None of them had a prayer of reaching the Emerald City on his/her own. Even together they were a weird band of misfits.    Few people would give a team like that a chance to succeed in their quest, but somehow they managed it, it was not as if they had extraordinary powers or abilities. What kept them going was their passion and determination to reach their goal, and their ability to work together. The four of them operated on the principle of T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More). Life is like a game of chess, each piece has its own moves, and each piece has its own strengths and weak points. From the weakest pawn to the most powerful King, each has a role to play in whether the game would be won or lost. It is the duty of the chess player to determine how to coordinate the pieces to create an unstoppable team. It is the duty of the team leader to assess the strength and weaknesses of each member of the team. Don’t forget that life is a concert it takes all the instruments together to make a classic piece.  So as a team leader, don’t think of team in terms of pawns and queens, think of them as pieces on the chess board that can be used to win your game and achieve your goal.




                                      Beware of the little things they can make or break you

The witch of the west was a very terrible and powerful witch, with so many magic tricks and minions.  It was something as common place as water however, that finally brought about her end. The cowardly lion was big and strong but he might have died among the poisonous poppies if the field mice had not arrived in time to help him out. As the adage goes “little drops of water make the mighty ocean” and “a small leak may sink a great ship.” In life we might be made to do things that we regard as minute or insignificant, we might be tempted to dismiss someone as  little or unimportant, but we must always keep in mind the ripple effect that life has. We may not know what the big picture looks like but when we pay attention to the little things, we will eventually realize our picture. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle it is only when you put the pieces together that you can get the picture. Everything that happens to us is part of our ultimate destination, the things we do and the things we fail to do will ultimately affect how our future will look like. The journey of a thousand steps starts with the first one, the first step is the present the final step will be when we reach our old age and look back on what we have made of our lives.

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