Poem of the week: Why Am I Here? (Ecclesiastes 1 Vs 11)

Why am I here

Am I here for the money

Which piles and piles but never

Slakes the thirst of an unsated heart

And disappears like the dew drop

In a parched land

Am I here for the love

Which heats the heart and  strikes the soul

Leaving a cold, a ache a heart ripped apart

As I grab for the dream

And come up with an empty mirage

Am I here for the friends

the ones that drag you into the mud

the ones that kick you when you are down

leading you into the depths of despair

even the ones you call brothers

cannot share in the burden of the soul

am I here for the fame

which vanishes at the wink

what is special in a name

which takes seconds to get soiled

am I here to play the game

plunging headlong into this rat race

am I here for the gatherings

where you gorge the gourmet

and you wake at dawn

wondering where all the people are

and what happened to all what you gorged

am I here for the pleasure

which lasts for a moment

the expolsive coupling

which unites two bodies

and rips the souls apart

and leaves in its wake foreboding clouds and dark storms

am I here for the dreams of the tenacious patriot

fighting bravely for his country

leaching his blood away for the nation

as vultures rip apart the oil wealth

Am I here for the books

that turns you inside out

Am I here for the knowledge?

which drives you out of your mind

turning your mind into a whirlpool

what am I here for?

Why am I here

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