Poem Of The Week: SERENITY


We sleep and wake up at the edge of the abyss

We roll our senses yet as carved stone

Rumbling clouds bring forth no rain

Bludgeoned into crawling for crumbs


Hardworking labourer in the hot sun

Money spender in the shade of the shed

Labourer watches as spender feeds himself fat


We are pushed into the mire and trampled into the dust

By hands only happy to see us sink

We  suffocate one after the other

“what do you mean? Don’t you know that he on whose head the coconut is broken

Never gets to eat of it

Why die at a miserable twenty five

When you can live old enough to be seventy


We want the inner lining of the coconut

Yet we are unwilling to break the shell

We desire the honey inside the rock

Yet we cannot take our eyes of the axe’s blade

We know the actors are not acting our script

Yet we prefer to sit in the audience


How long shall we sit and stare

As one macabre dance gives way to another

How long shall we wish and wait

To take our places on the stage

But in the end it’s all the same



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