Owambe Weekend: Beautiful Shoes for You from Loibdressy

It was the iconic shoe designer, Christian Louboutin who said: “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” There is no doubt that whatever outfit you have on if you don’t have shoes or shall we say befitting shoes, your dressing is not complete. it is also fair to say that the kind of shoes we wear plays a huge role in the way we are perceived. Thus on Owambe Weekend today is about beautiful shoes you can wear for your occasions, both formal and casual and Love Ajagbe of LOIBDRESSY shares with us some beautiful footwear designs that can fit into your schedule, no matter what that schedule looks like.

To order your footwear from Loibdressy, talk to them on Facebook and  Instagram.You can also call the owner or send her a WhatsApp message on 08074117631

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