On Sex and Voyeurism


This piece was conceived  as a result of a story I read online about a Nigerian sex shop owner who was talking about the fact that Nigerian men love to buy accessories for anal sex in secret, despite their vehement condemnation of the practice in public. I can’t remember where the story came from, but I remember reading it on Elnathan John’s twitter timeline where he was using as an example in one of his frequent treatises on anal sex and homosexuality. My attitude to the story was one of mild interest at best given that  I wasn’t intending to do butt stuff to anyone, neither was anyone (as far as I knew anyway) planning to butt stuff to me. Then a few days ago a tweet appeared on my TL which went thusly “I dunno how you will be Nigerian and be gay. Like with all we are facing in this country na another man’s yansh dey give you joy”. The tweet instantly made me instantly remember a sentiment I often come across in arguments about homosexuality, in fact the sentiment is so common that I sometimes bait people with homosexual arguments just to hear it. It goes thusly: “with all the women with big soft boobies and large asses in the world, is the thought of a man’s dick in another’s man asshole not revolting to you?”

       Now this piece is not about homosexuality per se, rather it is about our society’s (I write as a Nigerian now) fixation with sexual intercourse or to be crass, “fucking”, which homosexual sex is a type of. Whether we admit it or not, there is no arguing that us Nigerians love to talk about sex. Even though we pride ourselves as a god-fearing, religious people when the issue of sex comes up especially if it is about sexual “perversions” but deep inside we are all voyeurs. Of course we could point out the plenty of superstar musicians and movie stars who achieved their status through our society’s fascination with sex (Whizkid’s Caro for instance became a massive hit, yet no one ever admits to listening to it.) or the many gigabytes of porn (which many people will never admit to by the way) that are downloaded every day, but those issues are just physical manifestations of a deep seated collective habit, and it is not a modern problem either, in spite of what indignant moral horse riding adults would have you believe. When older people ask me the satisfaction young people derive from watching porn, I often politely mention that it is the same kind of satisfaction that made our ancestors converge outside a man’s bedroom to see the result of the sex he just had with his new wife. Voyeurism in this context not only about perceiving with physical senses, voyeurism by imagination is also voyeurism.  We love talking about all kinds of sex, how much of it we are having, how much of it we are not having, how much of it we should be having and our lawmakers even make laws about which kinds of it we should or should not be having. Even our religions place a high premium on discussion about sex, Ask your average pastor or marriage counsellor, and he/she will tell you that the main purpose of marriage is procreation (which in simple English is having sex to make children).

It is not as if sex is bad, or that it is bad to talk about it, in fact there is a need to talk about sex in order to gain an understanding on how all the parties involved can derive maximum satisfaction from it. The problem is when we as individuals vehemently deny our voyeurism, yet it manifests in our relationships towards our fellows.  It is this “mind in the gutter” syndrome (to use local slang), that is responsible for our close-mindedness about certain issues.   If for instance a man mentions that his heterosexual relationship doesn’t involve sex, people might find it difficult to believe, but they wouldn’t deem it impossible. But if for example another man mentions that he is a homosexual, the first thing whoever He mentions it to will do is to imagine his dick inside someone’s ass or someone’s dick inside his ass. I am straight so I know for certain that non sexual heterosexual relationships exist. Is an homosexual relationship defined by butt sex? Are there no homosexual relationships between two people who just want to be together without having butt sex?   For instance aren’t there homosexuals who  get  friend zoned just like straight people? Maybe someone who is homosexual can be helpful and provide an answer.  Our voyeuristic Society seems to believe that gays are hornier than straight people, as if all the butt sex they are having makes them want to screw anything that has a penis, which makes them by extension rapists.  I stand to be corrected, but I am absolutely sure that (and the tweet I quoted above proves it too) the reason why the society is so indignant about male on male sex is mostly because of the butt sex it involves. Women are for instance allowed to pretty much slobber on each other, but if a guy attempts to get too familiar, the voyeuristic imagination carries the action to the logical conclusion.  Before you think I am going to talk about gay issues again, it is not just a problem LGBTQs face; it is a problem, feminism deals with too.  The Basketmouth rape joke which caused so much outrage from feminists comes out of a mentality that the logical conclusion of taking a woman out on a date is sex. If for instance a woman suddenly starts gaining rapid promotions in the office, one will find one or two or many colleagues who think she is getting everything by granting sexual favours. The argument is not whether this could true or not, but why should someone be defined on the basis of who he/she is fucking?

Where am I going with all this, it is that Jesus Christ was apt when he told those people who wanted to stone the women “he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone” the reason why there are so many rules and laws on when and where to have sex as well as what sex to not have is because we are all voyeurs, but we refuse to admit it. Perhaps if we as individuals and as a society pull our minds out of the proverbial gutter, perhaps we will become more open minded about issues surrounding us.


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  1. ‘We love talking about all kinds of sex, how much of it we are having, how much of it we are not having, how much of it we should be having and our lawmakers even make laws about which kinds of it we should or should not be having. ‘

    That statement precludes and sums up the hypocrisy of Nigerians when it comes to issues of sex. Well written, bro.

    1. Thanks bro, glad you like it, it is absolutely surprising how much people like to hide, so that they are not labelled as radical or liberal. glad you liked it

  2. Sorry to be a party-popper, you indeed made salient points. #kudos. I have nothing against gays, they can enjoy being gay…I admit we (Nigerians and her leaders) mostly are hypocrites and sex should be talked about rightly [but not indiscriminately], which parents and preachers shy from…that said, I’ll be talking not as a Nigerian but as a Christian…being gay ain’t right, listening to corrupt songs ain’t right, fornicating ain’t right, watching porn ain’t right (people do it, yeah…but does that make it right? Biblical-wise :))…the bible sums it up – Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, even the Q’uran (SAW) affirms with the bible. That’s just my penny tho’ (wrote on it in one of my earlier blogs). Someone might wanna argue, but I’m like I said, talking from a biblical point of view #nojudging#…and Automaton, if t’wasn’t for your “critical thinking”, if on a normal day, a gay walks up to you, and says “hey I’m gay and I wanna be your friend”, I bet what you’ll first (or later) think of is “his dick in yours or someone else’s butt”. So dude, don’t be an hypocrite yourself, unless you upgraded and didn’t inform Kirk…#thatwaslong #notperfectmyself #Christianopinion

    1. Well, thanks for the long reply. The most common pronoun in this piece is WE, so I haven’t attempted to distance myself from anything. Therefore *in Orubebe’s voice* I will not accept your point about my hypocrisy. At any rate the purpose of the whole writeup not to recommend anything, I am jus obzavin dasall.

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