On Caitlyn Jenner and Them Pesky LGBT people


The big story this week is obviously the story of the metamorphosis of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner. The step father of the reality show royalties the Kardashians,  and American star Olympian  after living as a man for sixty five years and marrying three women finally decided that he wants to live the rest of his life as a she. Well goodbye Bruce, welcome Caitlyn.

If we are to be sincere, this story does not deserve the media storm it has generated. Already E! Entertainment is already planning to create a reality show for her. Granted that it is not everyday that we see a sixty five year old man suddenly switch sexes like a clownfish, but unless you to think that the T in LGBT means Tom-tom (actually it means Transsexual), this is not the  particularly groundbreaking or earthshattering event the media is trying to portray it as. Of course it wouldn’t be the Kardashians if they dont have the ability to blow out of proportion a process that has existed since before the second world war. But then the Kardarshians get paid to exist so can you blame them for exploiting the massive cash cow that has just been dropped into their laps?

The whole metamorphosis issue has provoked plenty of reaction especially the extremely conservative religious people who seem to think that with Bruce having changed into the Caitlyn now all we need to do is to set  our countdown timers to the day of the massive flood like that of Noah, either that or the massive fire and brimstone that wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah, because the world has entered injury time as it were. However the opinions I found most amusing and interesting are those who believe that replacing a penis with a vagina will now become a process that would be as easy as breathing, that infact soon  you would be able to send surgeons to turn that pesky dude who has been liking your girlfriend’s pictures on instagram into a woman (now tell me if that isn’t going to be the mindblowingest thing ever)

However much as I found this amusing, it also gave me pause. What if my village people  decide to send  surgeons after me while I am sleeping and then I suddenly wake up with my penis gone and replaced with breasts and a vagina . (Dear imagination if na play abeg stop am o). Forgive  me if I am chauvinist but  becoming a woman will really be bad for business right now. I decided to read up on the metamorphosis of Bruce into Caitlyn, the process is full of medical and sciency terms, but to put it in its basic form, Bruce Jenner went to his doctor and said “there is a woman whom I have kept trapped in my body for sixty five years, I want you to set her free”. In essence Bruce Jenner had been a virtual drug addict to keep that woman silent, but now he seems to have grown tired of fighting. According to some things I also read, the fact that Caitlyn will no longer need Bruce’s drugs means she has a higher risk of dying of cancer, so it safe to say that it was a well thought out decision not a spur of the moment thing. Thus it is a biological issue and it is not a disease that can be contracted or inflicted *middle finger to my village people* so sorry, you cant do anything for the guy who is always asking your bae for her nudes. Again some people might say given that we now have somebody that is transsexual , how long will it be before we have someone that is transspecies?  Of course since Trans people didn’t create themselves, this begs the question of why  these anomalies exist  in the first place, but I better shut up now before I become guilty of blasphemy.

Perhaps some good will come out of this attempt of the zits on the face of humanity, who call themselves Kardashians to milk what should be a trying timetime for any individual, for cheap fame. Caytlin Jenner is now virtually a poster boy for trans people, so now even the “conservative” people who prefer to bury their heads in the sand (Nigerian lawmakers I am looking at you) cannot but admit that  the pesky LGBT people  are not going anywhere. For that I trust the Kardashians to shove the fact into our faces like Kim’s nudes and Kylie’s lips any chance they get.

So like the Europeans who first came in contact with Africans, who found that they are not alone in the world. We will hate them LGBTs, we will vilify them, we will kill them we will put them in prison, but we wont be able to pretend  they dont exist, and they will always be there. Like a mark that cannot be washed off. It will take time, but at some point we will have to make like that judge that Jesus Christ was talking about in Luke chapter 18 and find a common ground with “non straight” people, because like that widow, Caitlyn Jenner and all those stubborn LGBT people  seem  not  to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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  1. Zits on the face of humanity? I’m not a fan, but I have a problem with how vituperative you sound of the Kardashians. They’re not a bad lot. In fact, I fail to see how that much different they are from the average Nigerian doing all he can to hustle for the good life. The only difference is you are watching the Kardashians on TV.
    And pesky LGBT people? Lol. Ok.

    1. Well you have point there, I think my issue with them is a matter of hating the players and not the game. I know they are just doing their work, but that doesn’t mean they are still not annoying.

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