Official Press Release And Schedule of Events For TFSClub’s Black History Film Festival

Are you a lover of culture, history and Arts?  Or do you always ponder on what Black means beyond your colour of your skin but you hate long boring talks about them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see some films?

Do they tell you,  you’ve got a black skin with a black mind just because  you would like to catch some real music vibes: say Afrobeats,  High life, Jazz and Reggae?  Don’t feel bad no more. we’ve got what  you want!

Come,  learn, and celebrate yourself at the Black History Film Festival University of Ibadan #BHFFUnibadan from the 23rd to the 28th of April 2018.  12 massive movies will be screened for 6 days on different aspects on the concept of Blackness and the African heritage. Come have some fun and indulge your love for movies and African creativity.

Musical concerts will be held on the first and last day of the festival. Come catch the Afro vibes and the black feelings.  Panels would hold discussions on several topical issues like African revolutions and Cuban relations, World bank and IMF monetary policies and devastating effects on African economies, Freedom of Press,  feminine Identity and Sexual Politics and more others to stimulate you intellectually and put you into critical thinking. Come learn some wisdom.

Book readings, poetry performances Art exhibitions, stage plays and loads of other artistic performances.

Only Blacks can care like it ought to be. So we’ve got something lite for each time you come.  Item 7 is so guaranteed!!!  And if you wanna join our celebration for the week but you don’t have where to stay for the week. We provide  accommodation for free!!

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