For Adebimpe

My Brother -the Crusader- takes on the world
Forged in the creators fires the strongest of anvils the creator cast his mould
Gushing with life and strength of a thousand springs
Fearlessly facing the future, fighting firmly
Twenty one I presume? No more like forty two and then some more
No twenty one, I say of that I know for sure
Well maybe it feels like so because of the teams he has led
Well maybe it does feel so because of the multitudes he has fed
With a firm hand, but with a heart of gold besides
Well how it is that time did fly
The childhood we lived, now looks all like a fleeting lie
But now as men we must pursue each his separate dreams
Your dreams you will catch- the divine creator, will say yes to that
As you my Brother- the Crusader- take on the world

For Adebimpe Ayooluwa Adigun Samuel, HARMONY BABY, ADEGBITE as he turned 21 yesterday. You have been a brother like no other, May you live a long and productive life and may success be your constant companion.

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