Music Reviews: Kiss Daniel’s Good time

Song: Good Time
Artiste: Kiss Daniel
Genre: Afrobeat
Length: 3 minutes 11 seconds
Producer: DJ Coublon

After the success of his hit track Woju which conferred on him the status of one of top artistes among his generation, for a while there was the palpable fear that Kiss Daniel would become a one hit wonder, most especially as his second song “Laye” which even though enjoyed some success in its own right, largely mugged off on the “Woju” goodwill. It didn’t help either that what he did next after “Laye” was a not exactly great collaboration with some unknown artistes. However it seems Kiss Daniel has rebounded with a new and nice single  titled “Good Time”

   Good Time is an Afrobeat song, hugely influenced by the tradition of Fela, there is the standard call and response of Afrobeat which is inspired by regular jazz as well as the exuberant style and polyrhythm common to the genre, and the heavy percussion and wind instruments. The drums  thum. The saxophones, guitar strings as well as the keyboard notes are clear and piercing,   But Daniel is not just influenced by Fela’s instrumentation, he is also influenced by Abami Eda’s style with Kiss Daniel even trying out the “commentary” that precedes Fela’s songs. Good Time does not just ape Fela’s music in the traction of modern Afrobeat DJs, Good time also has an hip hop feel to it, the two combines to create the form of groove that is instantly attractive to the listener’s ears. The result is a song, that combines the fast beats typical of hip hop dance tracks with the groovy rhythm and instrumentation of Fela and Lagabaja style afrobeat.

   One noteworthy thing about Afrobeat is that with all the instrumentation, it still depends of the lead artist’s voice to be able to make a great song  Thus  the artistes who most successfully pull of this kind of music are artists that have a clearly identifiable and unique voice, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the Father of Afrobeat, Lagbaja, Tuface Idibia, Whizkid among other who have tried out this kind of music are musicians who have unique voices. In fact while listening to the track, the reader is forced to marvel at how similar Kiss Daniel’s voice is to 2face’s, and also at the fact that the hoarse rasp that Lagbaja uses to full effect is also present in Kiss Daniel’s voice. However because Kiss Daniel’s voice is not Lagabaja’s deeper bass, the hoarseness is barely noticeable in Kiss Daniel’s voice it is even somewhat pleasant. With these similarities to the greats of Afrobeat if there is someone who can pull off a song like “Good Time” it is Kiss Daniel and that is what makes the song a jam.

It is conceivable that some people might have an issue with the song’s lyrics, dismissing it as the same feminine “objectivist drivel” that characterizes modern hip hop these days, but of course, that is not a problem we can blame a single artiste for, instead I would prefer to focus on the song’s limited lyrics, the listener gets  this feeling that He had simply been sold an instrumental as Kiss Daniel just does the barest minimum on the song. Perhaps he decides to do this on purpose given that the heavy jazz influence on Afrobeat has always meant that the music is more about the instrumentation than the singing.For instance Lagaja’s “Konko Below” and nearly all of Fela’s music reflect this heavy emphasis on instrumentation. The trick of Afrobeat, especially when it is  adapted for hip hop like “Good Time”  is to get the listener dancing But even Fela and Lagbaja have shown that they compose good lyrics, Perhaps it is the influence of hip hop on his music but Kiss Daniel still has quite a way to go in terms of lyrical versatility.

Despite the fact that the lyrics are limited, they are still noteworthy, the song is about a rich young man who has had a long day of hustling and just wants to have a good time with a pretty woman with massive assets,”Girl You bad like that//You make a liquor man run mad with your back like that” He wants one night of fun, a night where he is free from commitment, which is why He says to his imaginary partner “Hope I don’t Kolobi you” “Kolobi” in this case meaning “to monopolize” ” to force commitment out of” He is willing to give everything else on him that night to the woman except his heart because he already has a wife at home. “Anything we do tonight go follow the night go// And I see you I dodge” The lyrics resonate with his generation of listeners because it is a reflection of the ultimate life, an alternate reality where you have all you need as a young man, yet with none of the commitment required to create those things in the first place.

    It is possible that Good Time never quite attains the same level of  commercial success of Woju and Laye, but it is a jam for people who like the musician persona just want to “have good time.”

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