Music Review: Adekunle Gold’s Ready


Song : Ready
Artist: Adekunle Gold
Producer: Pheelz
Runtime: 3.36 Minutes
Genre: : Hip Hop

Adekunle Gold has dropped his first song of 2016 in anticipation of his album release, and the title of the song is Ready and as with all his other songs young people are jiving to it all around town. I took time to listen to see just what all the fuss was about and here are a few of my thoughts.

I don’t know why Adekunle Gold waited this long into the   year before he dropped this song, but the song is totally worth the wait. The YBNL toaster forms a great combination with Pheelz to bring to our ears, a song that gets you tapping your feet from the time the beat comes on and dancing by the time the song itself starts. With Ready, his fourth song,there is no longer any shade of  doubt that Adekunle Gold can sing. The thing that is special about him is that while he might not have the top range unique voice that the likes of Waje, Tiwa Savage, Asha among others can boast of, he knows how to use his vocals to achieve the same effect that they can. More importantly he has his finger on the pulse of his fan base and he is creating a niche for himself among the teen/young adult demographic. Perhaps it is because his singer personas are down to earth, his lyrics are relatable and not NSFW club tracks , and he does not engage in the self adulation that is the forte of his label mates. This is why  it is difficult to not like Adekunle Gold’s songs and why Ready like his other singles has received such favourable reviews from fans

  Again like he does in Sade, Orente and Pick Up Adekunle Gold continues to display his artiness- his love for music not just as entertainment, but  as art. This one suspect is why many people, this writer included love his music. In Ready He combines traditional Yoruba music sensitivities with his new age hip hop experience. Here Pheelz must get some of the credit, the range of instrumentation which he puts into the beat for the song is amazing and combined with Adekunle Gold’s own musical talents makes a top quality song, and one which one would be an especially cynical or clinically depressed not to dance to. Also the chorus, I like the fact that the song has a chorus, and listening to a song with a good chorus like Ready, one cannot just stifle one’s urge to dance to. All in all, if four of the songs that are going to part of an album are this lit, what would the album itself be like. Take a moment to think about it.

However as good as Ready is, it is necessary to point out that Adekunle Gold’s is tending towards the formulaic. It is really saying something when you have four songs and three of them are saying the same thing ( I refuse to agree that he actually sang that crappy cover of Flavour’s Ada Ada called Omolade and you cannot convince me otherwise *blocks ears*). Is Adekunle Gold trying to become the African Justin Bieber or male African Taylor Swift (with searching for love replacing heartbreak)? It would be a real pity if with all the talent he has he turns out to be another Bieber or Swift, a genuinely talented and creative kid who sold out and became a by the book music machine, *coughs* Olamide *coughs*. Here is hoping I am wrong. One may argue that there is nothing wrong with continually using a formula if it works, but there is a limit to how far one can sustain a musical career on corny and schmaltzy young adult/teen music, ask Styl Plus and every boy band ever. It is a pity that a massive jam like Ready will end up being so niche that it won’t go beyond the confines of its teen/young adult demographic. Adekunle Gold needs an upgrade (maybe finding the elusive love and getting married will change his outlook some) to his music or he would fade into obscurity as his target niche grow older. I am sorry if I sound like a cynical Dementor trying to suck the joy out of young adult romance, I must be getting cranky in my old age.

Everything said, Adekunle Gold and Pheelz should still get top marks for effort in this jam. Mr D.J We are READY! Jam this banger c’mon.

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