Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Genre: Superhero, Action, Adventure

DirectorPatty Jenkins

Production Companies: DC Comics, Warner Bros

Initial release15 May 2017 

Running Time: 141 Minutes

Thoughtivity’s Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Over the Weekend I went to watch Wonder Woman, and even though I am late entrant into the “I have seen Wonder Woman” conversation, I have decided to share a few thoughts on it nonetheless

After two straight misses with BatmanVSuperman and Suicide Squad, it seems Wonder Woman is third time lucky with DC. For one thing, DC actually made a movie that is fun to watch and that doesn’t look like someone is trying to do their best impression of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire for emo teens. There are actually several things to enjoy about Wonder Woman and this piece might not be enough to mention them.

For one thing, I love the fact that the characters were actually well written, realistic and extremely likable. From the hero, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot), who actually ends up not being a Mary Sue character *side eyes Star Wars: The Force Awakens* with a well-developed character arc, to supporting hero Steve Trevor( Chris Pine). Even the bad guys General Erich Ludendorff ( Danny Huston) and  Sir Patrick Morgan/Ares the god of war(David Thewlis) are well treated as characters.  The heroes are heroic, the villains and villainous and the clash between the two sides is epic.

I also enjoyed the fact the that the director infuses the movie with good drama scenes like Logan and again unlike the cow dung that is Batman V Superman and the dog turd that is Suicide Squad. Most of the battles in Wonder Woman have dramatic weight and high stakes. Perhaps it has to do with the manner in which Steve Trevor (the Chris Pine character) dies, but for once I felt something at the end of a DC movie. One of the peeves I have always had with comic book movies is the “nobody you care about  ever dies” issue, and I was pleasantly surprised the way the director  actually made Steve Trevor die and stay dead, and the way his death was treated meaningfully, unlike the Jimmy Olsen nonsense in Batman V Superman. One more thing, it seems the powers at DC have learned  from their mistakes of needless hero buildups because Diana comes straight out of the starting blocks kicking ass and she continues kicking said asses until the end of the movie.

 As much as I love Wonder Woman I have a few teeny issues with the movie. Between the style of the opening credits, The plot (complete with the German bad guys) that the movie stole from Captain America: The First Avenger, the one person shoots three opponents at a time while leaping in the air maneuver in the Themiscyra battle it  stole from Deadpool, the godlike character from another place doesn’t understand human sex  vibe that it stole from Thor, the actor named Chris playing a character named Steve saying I love you to the love of his life before rushing off to die in a needless sacrifice that it stole from Captain America (At least they made sure he  won’t come back as a soldier with a metal arm or something). Just add a Stan Lee cameo and Wonder Woman essentially a Marvel movie.

The other issue would be with the story itself. If the Amazons speak several languages fluently including English, Chinese and Latin, and indeed Diana instantly recognizes a baby, without having seen one before, how come that none of the Amazons recognizes guns, or watches/clocks or snow or ice cream. I am particularly peeved about the gun one because which kind of badass society still practices with bows and arrows and swords even though they know (or should know) that their enemies have more dangerous weapons. It wouldn’t have mattered if the Amazons are immortal, but they are not and the implication one gets from the Themiscyra battle scene, that large enough battalion of U-boats crewed by soldiers who don’t shoot like Imperial Stormtroopers would take out our “badass” Amazons with ease. Again if the Amazons are that cosmopolitan, shouldn’t they know that there have been far more vicious wars than WW1 between the time they were created and the time the movie begins and thus the god of war has been active? How did they even manage to survive that long not knowing what their enemy has been up to? If they know, how come Queen Hippolyta tells General Antiope that “the god of war may have died of his wounds?”

And while we are talking about the god of war, why should a god of war with any sense wait until the only weapon that can be used to kill you, grows to adulthood? I am not a history buff but I know that there have been far more vicious and merciless generals than the Kaiser in history, King David, Cyrus, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Ghengis Kahn (Ghengis Kahn’s cruelty would have been perfect), even freaking Napoleon would have got the job done far better than the Kaiser at the time that the pesky Diana would only be little more than a runt. Again what is with movie villains and dumping the info that the hero needs to defeat you on the hero? Perhaps I shouldn’t criticize them too much at least they put more effort into coming up with a coherent story than the whoevers who were paid actual money to write BatmanVSuperman. Besides if I have started to expect a well written, logical and coherent story from a comic book adaptation, I think I need a life.

Overall I would give Wonder Woman a 7/10 rating  and I look forward to seeing if DC can continue this winning streak will an equally likable and well developed Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League

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