On the 11th of November, we celebrated the first anniversary of my Grandmother; Mrs Victoria Aduke Adegbite’s passing.  in this piece, written for her one year memorial Church service, Adebimpe Adegbite expresses his emotions, in honour of a wonderful Matriarch of the Adegbite family, a faithful Christian mother who cared for all her children till she passed away and a deeply committed woman, who had a great impact on the lives of her children, grandchildren, and everyone she came across.

For Grandma V.A Adegbite (1937-2013)

Even when fears are overwhelming
As a result of an occurrence beyond understanding
In our reminiscence we get solace
For you did well on the earth surface
So we cannot but give in to the celebration of a life classified under God’s jurisdiction
Humanly defined by Grandma’s words and action:
Iya Monkelogun* fought the good fight of faith
Even with her last breath, sighed deep into faith
Iya Oba to ga** was an embodiment of God’s grandeur
Revealing God’s greatness as the gospel’s chauffeur
Iya Tisa was a lover of Education
Wanted for all around her a bookish congratulation
Iya Number one Miracle revealed God’s faithfulness
To all who wouldn’t mind receiving the same fullness
J.P enjoyed her visit to the holy land
Like she knew she was soon to be in God’s hand
Forever shall you be remembered even more
The smile of your remembrance richly wore
By all who recognise the LIFE that comes only through DEATH

*”brave and steadfast in battle:” an appellation of the Adegbite family house

** reduced form of the exclamation “oba to ga l’Olorun!” literally “God is a great king” one of grandma’s favourite expressions

Adebimpe Adegbite is an English Graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, connect with him on Facebook , Adebimpe ADEGBITE

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