Welcome to our interview section at, the 23rd April 2015 is the World Book and Copyright day organized by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and as part of the celebration this year we are talking to Adeyinka Adefemi the coordinator of Making A Difference Network and and a Programme Officer at the Kola Daisi Youth Empowerment Centre, she talks about her Youth Centre’s celebration of World Book and Copy Right Day. Enjoy the discussion.

You are here as a representative of a youth Foundation, what are the plans of your Foundation for the World Book and Copyright day celebrations?

Yes, we at Kola Daisi Foundation Youth Empowerment Centre are having a local reading event to commemorate the World Book and Copyright day

Can you give us a description of the event?

The event will take place  On the 23rd of April 2015 by 3pm at KDFYEC Ibadan Civic Centre Agodi Ibadan. It is a open house event and we have about thirty people who have expressed their willingness to participate

Now that we have a basic description, Would you like to elaborate on what participants at the event should expect?

The reading event is titled New Era in Nigeria: Talking points and Expectations. We would be using literary works, prose, poetry and essays of acclaimed authors to guide our discussion. Participants can come with works of others or theirs, would read and discuss what they would like concerning the topic. As suggestions for those who don’t have an idea of what to bring to the event, we are going to be reading from Wole Soyinka’s  We Must Set Forth at Dawn, poems from Tony Marinho’s Hope’s Wristwatch, Chuma Nwokolo’s  How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories and Essays from various Nigerian journalists and thinkers especially in virtual space.

We would also be receiving old book donations from participants to give youths in school. If they have any books they are convinced would do good in developing a youth especially those in secondary schools they can donate that day and we would give them to a school.

What do you/ your Foundation hope to achieve with the reading event?

We are looking forward to spark up more in interest in reading and then societal impact  amongst the youth. The reading event would engage them to get concerned about life and politics and especially how they can contribute positively to the growth of democracy and to societal development in Nigeria.

 Your Foundation is about youth and concerns have been raised in book reading culture among the youth especially in Nigeria. Do you agree with these concerns and what do you think can be done about it?

I totally agree with the concerns that have been raised in book reading culture among the youth being poor. It is very poor for any child to grow with the mindset that you read for paper tests and exams, this breeds fear of incompetence in young minds making them run away from actually gaining knowledge for all kinds of development and it should be looked into not just by the Educational system but by the socio-cultural let young minds be encouraged to know themselves and know their world not for the sake of grades and certificates but for God’s sake and humanity’s.

How are you and the members of your team working to raise awareness for this event and for book reading among the youths especially in Ibadan and its environs?

We are taking our campaign  to social media, where the youth spend most of their time everyday. The content is also catchy because our topic is timely, we’ve never had youth so involved in politics and governance as this before. Channeling that excitement through books or reading helps us achieve our aims.

  Finally as part of a world wide community of celebrants of world book day, what are your expectations for the World book day this year

We expect it to be an improvement on last year’s celebration and for it to achieve wider and deeper impact for social development all across the globe.

Thank you very much for taking time out to talk to us

You are welcome and Thanks for talking to me


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