Ideas worth Sharing: My TEDx Bodija Experience

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 Saturday the 30th of November 2013 found me at the Film House cinemas, Heritage Mall, Dugbe, Ibadan for the Bodija version of the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference. Having watched a few talks online and read a few things about TEDx, I was excited to be finally attending one . I was not disappointed either as the event offered brilliant ideas on a broad range of topics by various individuals from different walks of life and different age groups. If there was such a thing as a physical representation of the TEDx slogan “ideas worth sharing,” TEDx Bodija was it. Credit must go to the TEDx Bodija team for putting such an event together. It was perhaps appropriate that the organizers of the programme started with Richard Turere’s TEDx talk in Longbeach California, in 2012. His talk encapsulates the spirit of TED. It tells a story, of providing a solution to a problem by using technology in the least amount of time possible.

Here are a few of my thoughts from the talks (note some of them are the writer’s personal paraphrases, not necessarily actual quotes from the speakers).

Toyin Awesu

We can solve our problems, we can transform our country, we have the tools to do, but we need to get up and get proactive about it

Francis Madojemu

We believe that money should solve everything and usually we get disappointed when it can’t. What we need to solve our problem is not money; it is someone with the right idea who will be in the right place at the right time

Ultimately our local problems are going to require local solutions, but we can’t get those solutions if we do not start to appreciate the things that are peculiar to us and start to put them to use

Technology is way more than Computers or cars. It is anything that makes a process or an activity faster and less stressful. Maybe if we keep this in mind, we will stop relying on devices whose languages we don’t speak and start looking for local technological solutions to our problems.

No matter how good you are at using a foreigner’s ideas, you can never be as great as the owner of those ideas. Your success will become unsurpassed if you start to tell your own stories, using your own tradition.

Atinuke H Odjenima

I don’t believe in status or religion, I believe in me, in you and in who you are

Love is the only commodity which you can give away and still have plenty of.

To lead is to love to love is to live

Gbemisola Osadua

I say youths should declare interest in politics but if one must participate, one must go through a process of preparation. The question is: if I have an interest in going into political leadership, what am I doing now to prepare?

Francis Adesina

Life is a race, the starting lines are not equal for everyone, but if you start early you will finish great

What you have is not 24 hours in a day, what you have in a day is the amount of time within those hours that you achieved something tangible.

Utilization of time, depends on individual ability and coherent commitment

Beware of too much sleep, lest it ebbs your life away

Lord Quayle

There are people in Africa who lack the things we have, and who depend on us for help. The question is if we must promote Africa, what we can be doing to help those people?

David Idagu

Two things I always say

1. Show me your shoe and I can tell you who you are

2. If you were a shoe, which kind of shoe would you be?

The way you dress is the way you are addressed- now you should know that includes the shoes you wear as well

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