Guest Post: Until we change… For real

By Yewande Ojo

Everyone ranting about change; but no one wants to change.
Claiming to be an agent of change; they forget that the change begins with the individual.

The word ‘change’ is about the most popular words in the country’s political realm right now but I believe change should be more than being a political party’s slogan or a propagandist tool in the hands of the opposition.

Even when the change comes, how ready are the people ready to embrace the ‘change’.

It is not just the leaders that need to change- the followers need it too.

What have you done in the last 90 days that you think is a patriotic act???

It does not have to be anything big…just your widow’s mite would suffice.

Like not dropping refuse on the floor—wait till you get to the next waster bin

Or being orderly at the public car parks and garages
It could even be dropping a word of prayer for a better Nigeria…and not just berating the leaders.

The approach to change should be a holistic one.  A change in the leadership and the followership too.
Nigeria indeed needs change.

But what sort of change does Nigeria need?
A total revamping of the system is needed.

And when the change comes, we must be ready to embrace it with the right attitude.

Yewande Ojo is a final year Law Student at the Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti, You can interact with her on Twitter @ye_wande or mail her at

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