Guest Poetry: House Full of Scars

Hello folks, thanks for joining us again on the blog today. Today we have some fine poetry from one of the new generation Nigeria poets for you to enjoy. Richard Kayode Oladapo James  (also known as Eclipsepoet) writes in from Ibadan Nigeria, and hopefully in the coming days be a regular contributor on the blog. Today he shares with us his poem, “House Full of Scars”.



If you have tasted honey once

You won’t resist another drop.

I planned it will be my only life

At least like everyone else.

I will run out of life easily

I knew this

I am this egg carrying a rock

boiled or raw, I will break

So at 3 I died

If you wish call me Abiku

At 6

I am the dragon fly big head pupil in the goal post

Am no better goalkeeper

But I am perceived as the boy that can’t kick a ball

So I stayed in the pole

I am this small one step siblings call adopted-bastard

At this moment my mother call me bastard too

I am stubborn any way

Sincerely I can’t kick the ball

Better I am in the pole than running after ball

Maybe why I left at 3 too

If you don’t behave like your mother or father you are really a bastard

My mother will. Say

At 10

I am this big nose boy with small body

Age too young for secondary study

I am this boy that stays in all day

In the evening when my mates are painting the street gold

Take your book and read or sleep

Take your book and read or sleep

Take your book and read or sleep

My father all day repeats.

I am this boy that can’t talk but thinks

So when asked a question I better tremble and keep mute

Than the teacher calling me a BASTARD

I am this boy who got the blame for my step mother leaving her husband for my mother

Anyways we all keep growing

At 14

I am this new boy in a new school

With several note to copy

And lashes for failing any test

I have not been thought how to speak

But every Friday I have to debate or make a presentation

I am this boy my father called useless

Steps prefer adopted

mum sticks to bastard

siblings love the word fool

At 15

I am this boy tired of school and home

If home for goat is not lion’s den will he find a new home

I skip school for mountain climbing and forest bathing

I found a home

I am this boy that skip school 3ice a week

And got beaten whenever I come back

But that won’t stop me

Maybe not all of us need this schools

At 18

I am this teen who got arrested

Not arrested for real

police took me from a home to custody

Like many other case I am still accused

It was my father I am too useless

A slap from a police officer should correct me

But this tears our worlds further apart

The one that call me bastard also suffer

So at 18 I am totally alone


At 20

I had hope everything will change

For years I have been a poet

I am still sick, depressed, and tired

I told my mother I am PTSD patient she laughed

I told my brother I am depressed he gave me a pen

At twenty my world becomes complex

I was hit by buried traumas and for days I went off


At 23

Today I stand before you

With all this scars buried deep within

I say I am depressed

What will you say?

Often when people say they are depressed or suicidal

We laugh it off and abuse them

laugh at me now

We are the victims of your words and actions

We are the one with jar of pills in our pocket

If you will not stop this abuse should you hurt us more?

I am this boy before you

40 seconds ago someone like me died

In the next 40 seconds someone else will die

This is my 40 seconds and I am dead.


EclipsePoet erupted from the rusty city of Ibadan, Western Nigeria and writes from there. He is interested in Social development and Social Justice. He supports, organizes and participates in societal developmental events such as Volunteer Work, Children Theatre, Public and motivational speeches.

He has a poetry community known  ”Eclipse Community” with members in 4 African countries. The community engages in Poetry advancement activities such as Annual Poetry Slam which was first hosted in 2017 at the University of Ibadan.

Eclipsepoet has performed at numbers of events which include the opening performance at the Falling Walls Lab Lagos which was hosted by the German consulate in Nigeria, Allaince Francaise Ibadan, and several other events within and outside the city of Ibadan. You can reach him at Richard Kayode Oladapo James on Facebook or @eclipsepoet on Twitter

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