Guest Poetry: Before You Wear A Rope On Your Neck

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good Saturday and an enjoyable weekend. On the blog today we have another  beautiful poem from Eclipsepoet  For you to enjoy. He calls this one “Before You Wear a Rope on Your Neck”. 


…to the ones at the risk of falling every 40 seconds.


Let the moving cloud play to your ears
The sound of a dying soul
Let its running pace be the pace of your breath
And when the moon stops
Gaze away into the lost sky
With no stars or moon to greet you.
The moment you find something to hold tightly
Take it like holding the light with your hand
No matter how hard they will sleep.

Sometimes maybe the things we have lost are not lost
Sometimes maybe the place we dreamt of are only imaginations of a fiction
Sometimes maybe the life we are living is a non fiction of a fictional past
Sometimes maybe nothing is worth their worth
Like chasing a setting sun on cobble stones.

When the race becomes hard and difficult
Like running in a closed box
When pills are better not counted but swallowed
Those moments when the voice of angels and demons ricochet through your brain embers
Like a flowing river through mountains
Those periods when rising sun is synonymous only to a dead life
A dream washed away after sweats and tears
Those hours when hundred pills swallowed amount to less than one
Let the chirping and tweeting birds travel you

Embrace the trees of the endangered creatures
The peace of hundreds gliding egrets
The calming sounds of flowing rivers
For once let nothing cross your crushed mind
Except for the bubbling comforts of breathing.


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