Hello everyone, I hope you have  been enjoying Lanre’s story so far.  It is ironical that this episode is coming right after an Arsenal loss. Lanre continues his story  on the showdown between him and  his wife that night

    As Folake promised, that night neither of us had any sleep.
I never knew my wife had that kind of stamina. After four hours of argument, I finally got some respite.  Folake i must admit, is not a cantankerous woman and that she managed to keep up an argument that long would go down as a marvellous feat of endurance for her. At that point the lack of sleep/anger at Folake’s lack of trust and baseless paranoia/last night’s lifeless performance and lack of trophies from Arsenal is making me want to burst with anger. I jumped out of bed and made for the bathroom. Folake tried to block my way but her attempt is half hearted. I shoved her roughly aside, well as roughly as I could manage in my tired condition. As I did my business in the bathroom, I could hear her muffled sobs. when I finished from the bathroom I stalked over to the wardrobe trying my best to ignore her as I got dressed. But I was bothered. I wondered why Folake was acting like such a paranoid mess.  She was usually the calm and level headed one, why was she going to pieces without explanation? it had to be my fault, it was my bad mood caused by that rotten shitty English club and her rubbish stupid French manager that is poisoning my environment. “Dear Mr Wenger, can you see what you have turned my wife into? Thank you very much.” I got dressed, grabbed my briefcase and got out of the bedroom. Folake followed me out without a word. When we got to the sitting room, She gave me a sad look and said in a mournful voice: “let it be on record that for four hours I cried, I begged you, I pleaded with you but still you have refused to tell me why you came home last night and left my food untouched.” I did not answer. I descended the stairs rapidly and got into my car. I am in no mood to drive but I’ll manage. As I drove out  I heared a sonorous voice. “uncle Lanre good morning,” I stop for the bearer of the voice to draw level with my car and  rolled down the passenger window. It is Toyosi, the Unilag Management and Accounting undergraduate student who lives in the flat downstairs (and the one that my wife has been going to pieces over). I get a good look at her in spite of myself.  Here I will admit that Toyosi is the kind of girl you see and wish you could rewind time back to before you were married.  I will confess that  Folake’s paranoia is not misguided at all, everything from her name to her toenails sparks with sexiness. Look at those luscious lips with that “come-on” smile sitting pertly on them, I could just drag her into the car and kiss her like crazy Look at those boobs I could just put my head on them and I’m sure to hear nothing but the music of heaven, my god, those nipples, look at that body, beats Folake’s hands down how would it move  imagine it grinding and sliding against me as I pin her against the wall, if only I could grab that arse and make her scream in ecstasy as I enter… I cursed inwardly as I caught myself, “great! now I am thinking of hot passionate sex with my neighbour, and it is because of the quarrel I had with my wife. Well I’m pretty sure it’s completely irrational to blame Arsenal for this. Who else can I blame? It is Arsenal’s fault, it is my bad mood from the Arsenal game that is creating the poison that is in turn creating lustful feelings for my neighbour. Instead of dragging her into the car and kissing her, I put on as much of a “responsible married man” smile I could manage and said “Good morning Toyosi, how are you?”  “I’m fine” she replied in that silken like the spider’s web, dreamy voice, of hers.  I caught myself before my imagination wandered off again. “you’re up rather early today” I commented, “yes” she replied “I have someone to see on the island, in fact I was wondering if you are going to the office so that I could get a ride along.” “Of course, I’m going to the office, come on in” I opened the passenger’s door for her. Well it is hard to resist giving a girl like Toyosi a ride, but her endowments notwithstanding, from my little interaction with her; there is something that just makes her inferior to Folake, something I can’t pinpoint. With utmost sincerity, if it came down to a choice between Toyosi and Folake, I’d chose Folake an hundred times over, (but then I still believe that every handsome, hardworking, financially ok guy like me deserves a girl like Toyosi on the side) besides  the reason I wanted to give her a ride was not mainly because of her endowments. I actually needed someone to sit beside me in case I fell asleep at the wheel or I got depressed enough to drive into the lagoon. she had hardly got in when like a flash Folake was beside my car banging away at the passenger door like her life depended on it. I sighed in exasperation. The last thing I wanted this morning was a scene. But there was nothing i could do now. I rolled down the passenger window and growled at her angrily “what do you want now?” she shouted back “you can growl at me all you want, because of this…” she looked disdainfully at Toyosi as she spoke “…this prostitute, this interloper.” by now I was utterly livid with Folake I wanted to get out of the car and pound her with my fists to within an inch of her life or maybe just reversing the car and running her over would be a better option. Toyosi tried to explain “but sister Folake, it’s not what you think, uncle Lanre was just….” Folake did not allow her to finish. She opened the door and dragged her out, shouting “You shameless prostitute, look at how she is sitting in another woman’s husband’s car like the queen of bedbugs. if you are looking for a man’s car to sit in go and find  yourself a husband, and stop looking to sit down and eat what you did not cook


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