For the Love of Arsenal. (EPISODE 1)

Hello every one, I hope you all are having a great festive season. this post is the first episode in a series about a period  in the Life of Lanre, A passionate, Arsenal fan as he tries to combine his work with his loyalty to the gunners. I hope you enjoy it.

“What would be the most creative way to torture and kill Arsene Wenger?”    That is what I am thinking as I stood in front of my boss. I know whatever he is going to tell me will not be good news. My bet is on a reprimand or a suspension. I had a feeling today will not be the day I get kicked out, but the Wenger jinx could affect my boss, as it did me this morning, and my wife last night. “Dear Mr Wenger if you get me sacked from work, you will get kicked out of the Arsenal job and never get any decent job in your life.” I know that will not happen. I’m sure you are wondering why I am cursing a man who doesn’t even know I exist, and who has a nice big ocean as buffer between us. but what would you say if I told you that from in spite of that distance, Arsenal and Monsieur Wenger may just be about to ruin my life? you’ll probably think I don’t know what I’m talking about right? But I’m sure I do, and I’ll tell you why

I remember it like yesterday, actually it all started yesterday. But first of all let me start by telling you about myself. My name is Lanre; I work for an HR and consulting firm on the Island. I am an Arsenal FC fan, I have been an Arsenal fan for as long as I have been watching  football, and  even if I am out of a job today, I would still be a roaring, passionate in- your- face Gooner till I die. Mr Arsene Wenger, aka Le Professeur, Frenchman, manager of Arsenal is up there on my list of role models. That’s all I feel you should know about me for now.  So as I was saying, yesterday was an important cup game for Arsenal. It was important that in that it was our last hope of winning a trophy this season. As usual a string of poor results had contrived to ensure that we were out of contention for every other trophy even before the race started to gain momentum. It was a game I could not miss, I believe that my mere presence will ensure an Arsenal win. if you think I am being irrational, maybe I should do well to inform you that Arsenal is yet to lose a CUP game that I have watched this season. The problem was where to watch it. I could not watch it in my house because my area has not been deemed worthy of receiving the blessing of power supply from PHCN for the last three weeks, and the overworked generator that serviced the entire block of flats where I live with my wife, finally got a  gave up on the struggle last week. The landlord’s mechanic, who was supposed to take it away for repairs, had not put in an appearance yet. I suspect that he is trying to show how busy he is so that he can milk more money from the landlord.  The game was at 9 pm, so staying behind to watch it in the office was ruled out. Besides I had an important presentation to do the next day for a group of visiting foreign HR consultants, staying in the office overnight and looking scruffy in the morning was a serious no-no.

I sat up to stretch my back. My phone rang: I didn’t  need to check who it was,  the ringing tone was for only one person “Hi Hon,” the sweet voice of my wife flowed from the phone “I’m fine, how is your day going” I said making my voice sound more tired than I really was in order to get some sympathy. It worked “sorry my love, I can even feel your tiredness from here” she said, not seeing the mischievous grin that spread across my face. I put up an exaggerated sigh as I said “I’ll soon be home, and I desperately need a back massage” she laughed, a rich throaty laugh, “so what do you want to me to prepare for you while you are at it?”  “Well since you are the woman of the house; I will eat anything you prepare today.” “Even cane?” she playfully toyed. “If that is what you prepare, then what option do I have?”I said with mock resignation. We both laughed as she said “see you later then” and cut the call.

(To be continued)

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