Hi folks thanks for the support and the following of the For the Love of Arsenal so far, and sorry for my silence for the past few days. Anyway Lanre is back to continue his Arsenal story, and I hope you enjoy it as you have enjoyed the other episodes so far

                EPISODE 5
  …I sat there drawing calming breaths and trying not to do anything rash, like take out Folake front teeth with a punch. I could see other tenants  coming out one after the other to check what the cause of the ruckus was.  I sighed “God, You know the last thing I wanted was to be part of this kind of scene.” I didn’t even bother to get down and join whatever it is that had resulted from the incident, once I saw that no one was in danger of being hurt by my car, I just put my foot on the gas and drove out of the house. If they tore each other to pieces before I came back that was their problem
     It was a miracle of sorts that I managed to get to the office without any major incident, at one time, I was deep in thought during a red light not know when it turned green, which meant that  there was a long line of cars honking furiously behind me before I came to, and I barely escaped a traffic officer jumping into my car. On another occasion on the 3rd mainland bridge, I dozed off for a few seconds and lost control of the car, nearly swerving into a commercial bus carrying passengers and sending it and me into the lagoon.  The extremely shaken driver when he finally managed to regain his composure hurled a string of curses and insults at me as he drove past. That second near miss shook me back to reality and I made it into the office without further incident.
   As I entered the office, Mimi the receptionist greeted me with  her customary smile, but I could only answer through my nose, as I shuffled tiredly to my desk. I left my door ajar as usual and tried to deal with the stack of files on my desk. But it seems I am in no frame for work, my head is pounding ceaselessly and my eyes are tired and unfocused. I bring out my part of the presentation I’m supposed to have to today and tried to work on it.  A figure strides past my door; it is Kunle my Manchester United supporting co-worker.  When I look up, He shows me seven fingers and strode of again off  roaring with laughter as he went.  I know what the gesture means; every Arsenal fan knows what the gesture means. I wanted to run after that Manchester United supporting scumbag and strangle him until he choked on his foul Manchester United supporting tongue. I wanted to run after him and beat him up so much that his Manchester United supporting ass ended up on as hospital bed. But then I decided against it, it was not his fault after all it was the crappy and useless Arsenal team and their idiotic and stupid  manager that is allowing you to run your big mouth. More frustration with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger hit me like a powerful wave. The reality hit home for the thousandth time, no trophies this season. “damnit” I silently swore.       
    Just then Meg sailed in to my office, flashing her ring finger to all and sundry like she’s been doing for the past few days.  I sighed, what else do I expect, she’s still new in the business, she’ll learn like the rest of us. I just hope your husband won’t turn out like Arsenal FC. I must have thought that aloud because the first thing she said was “good morning Lanre, what are you muttering under your breath?” and then she took one long look at me and said “my! You dont look good at all, hope everything is alright?”  “yeah” I lied “it’s just a slight headache. Maybe I should just check in at the sickbay.”  Meg replied “you better do that quick because Oga’s secretary just brought this.” She passed me a short memo, when I read the message my headache and tiredness vanished momentarily. It was a message from my boss telling us that the presentation that was meant to be 12:00 noon had been shifted to 10:00 am.  I wondered why. I turned to Me: ”but why would Oga do this without letting us know beforehand, that presentation is not something  one can put together in a jiffy  you know.” Meg shrugged “Well, I tried to protest , but you know the policy here, obey first…” “…complain later,” I completed for her. I rifled through a stack of files on my desk and brought one out. I forgot to tell you this when we were working yesterday. I actually have a report here that gives some clarification on the part of the report you need an explanation on. I brought out a USB flash drive. This flash drive contains the PowerPoint document for the presentation. The document name is Meg and Lanre Presentation.

          (TO BE CONTINUED)

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