For Mom as She enters a New Year


Can a child ever pay for its mother’s milk, not even if he lives old enough to be a hundred years  old and certainly not even if he becomes the world’s richest man. But then again maybe he can, if he does manage to make something meaningful out of his life or he does manage to outlive her and not be an Abiku.  But then again perhaps he  cannot because they say a child is never too old for his mother’s affection and the juices continue to flow as long as the mother continues to draw breath.

It is on that I start this piece in honour of my mum Mrs Taiwo Ibidunni Adegbite on the occasion of her birthday today the 18th of August 2015. Of course as far as honour pieces go, eulogizing one’s mother isn’t a particularly unique thing to do, if anything ever written in praise of mothers all around the world were to be written out on paper I am cocksure that the paper would probably swaddle the world a million times over. They even have a day devoted to them. and then coming to think about it, how does one compress over twenty years of a relationship into a single blog post? Writing about one’s mother is a  really difficult and potentially unremarkably schmaltzy work, especially if the best one can do is a blog post. If I had the proverbial “gift of the gab” I would compose a powerful sonnet in your honour. Alas the gods have not counted me worthy to receive that gift.  If I could sing with the voice of angels, I would probably compose a melodious song about what a sweet and marvellous and altogether swell mother you are, but unfortunately when God was distributing musical ability, I was probably on another line to collect the gift of not being able to sit my butt in one place for any considerable length of time. So I guess I’d just say without any equivocation, thanks Mom for the great experience over the past twenty plus years

I want to say thanks for being the first line of defence against injuries.  You see mom I still maintain it that the reason why God made you a nurse was because of us. for not cracking during the times of the double slashed wrists,  broken hands, attempts to boil oneself alive, broken heads, stones inside noses, you deserve the greatest honour that a human being can be granted. Today as I strip off to go to the bathroom, I shall look at the faint dark patches crisscrossing my stomach And express my thanks to a mother who was watchful enough to stop an overcurious two year old from turning himself into  broiled steak. Thank You mommy for all the injections, you knew we lived in mortal fear of them and it was one of your ways of controlling us and we resented you for it, but now that we are grown, we now know better. And for your information the one that you gave me last year didn’t hurt at all so I guess we have broken your power now mom, maybe I should just speak for myself

Mom I want to say thank you for the being the first line of defence against Dad, yeah we know we often aren’t the dutiful children you all always want us to be, I want to thank you for being a more convincing advocate that most lawyers I know, we will never know what went on in those pitched bedroom battles, but the results are all seen and acknowledged and appreciated. Long may you live and long may you continue to fight for us.

Well one more thing to thank you for (and this is especially specific) is your continued patience with a certain boy in the middle who has refused to follow his older siblings’ example. After two grandchildren from two of the older children,  you must be slightly concerned of the lack of grandchildren or even  a bae from the boy , we urge you to remain patient with him  as our company is currently working with him to fix the problem and hopefully we will have something positive to announce soon,

I guess I’d have to stop here for now given that as the maxim goes “many words do not fill a basket” besides we should still have you around for the next thirty years, forty even, and if I am going to keep doing this every year, it is important that I not run out of material to fuel my nostalgia. One thing though it is a pity we never got to meet your twin sister, I am sure she would have told us about the carefree time you were growing up and you ran around in nothing but pants, instead of the grim Mama Nurse, that inevitably awaited us when we took home another one of the frequent and serious injuries we seemed to be magnets for, You ran about in pants right? I am sure you did

who sat and watched my infant head

while sleeping on my cradle bed

and tears of sweet affection shed

my mother…

I guess I should end by saying this and I don’t care how much clichéd or schmaltzy it sounds, Happy Birthday Mommy,Iyaafin Taiwo, Ibidunni, Elizabeth, Akanke, Adegbite.  I celebrate the life you have lived and that which you will live, I wish you many happy returns of the new year, and I pray that God will give you long life and prosperity and what’s more to say errm! Ermm! I love you mom.

P.S This is for everyone who was born, on August the 18th, I wish you a happy birthday, many happy returns of the day, I pray for  every good thing you wish for to come to your doorstep as you enter a new year.

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  1. I know im that lawyer you referred to ooo.(grim face).adebayo this is the most truthful piece ive seen.although you excluded the troubled times with the asthmatic duos,then i learnt someones balls refused to fall early or so i still dont understand that part.but she said they eventually fell(guess that fellow just decided to set my mum on that ridiculous note too).Then about the bae thing too booooyyyyyyyy.luv u loads

    1. Well glad you liked it. As I said, we can’t write everything in one piece, we need something to put in there next year. And for the record, You are not the lawyer I am talking about, just had to clear that up. Thank You, Love you too

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