For Aderonke as she enters a new year


It is almost always difficult to write eulogy pieces, especially if the one so being eulogized is one’s own flesh and blood sister. How does one begin to write  about the shared memories, about the beautiful, the bad and the ugly. Perhaps the best thing one can do in that case is to pick one happy memory and say, “if not for anything else, I value you because of this.”
So today is my wonderful, beautiful delectable Barrister Aderonke’s birthday (yeah, the Yorubas say there is nothing untoward about admiring one’s beautiful daughter or sister in this case). When was it again that we celebrated the last one? I guess time does fly on wings of Eagles after all. Of course the normal happy birthday prayers, Long Life and Prosperity, many happy returns today and for the rest of this year, may all your desires be satisfied. I am proud of you and may the good God keep you for the family.

It is my sister’s birthday yaay!  Where do I even start celebrating the family lawyer from? See the thing is I don’t know about the others, as for me I am proud of you as hell, I don’t know I you understand that feeling of you getting drawn into an argument on legal issues and then the person you are arguing with is like “but how do you know all these things, are you a lawyer too?”  Then you grow a foot taller as you answer “No I am not, but I have a sister who is”. I make bold to say that it creates a better feeling than a bowl of Nigerian Jollof Rice. and that is only  one of the many reasons, I celebrate your life and choices every year and pray that you live long and prosper

Before I drop my pen, (because we must not share every beautiful memory today and not have any left to share next year) I want to rewind time back to some years ago when I was but a fresher in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. So what about it? Nothing much. Just to say that all the Eba and Semovita and Egusi and sometimes vegetable soups in Akintola Hall were lifesaving, and the Occasional Suya and the  Valentines Day cakes were delicious too, especially the Valentine’s Day cakes. (other than that  one you got one year like that, that tasted like foam of course). And then of course I get to sneak into Akintola  all without ” Guys” suspecting my ” runs”, cos they assumed I was visiting you all the time.  I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I must apologize for the times I used to drop by  at Akintola Hall without visiting you, because  what is a sister for but to be an alibi and a cook *dodges stones from feminists* on occasion?
Anyway enough of the nostalgia, I know that we still have plenty of  wonderful memories to re create together and that is why I continue to pray that you have a long life and prosper as you enter your new year. And I’ll close by doing an admittedly poor imitation  of the family oriki, (sorry I am not Prof, but I’ll try)

Aderonke Abíké Adé
Omo Ijesa o ridi isana
Omo Ile l’eru owa ti n muna roko
Omo abi Sokoto posu mefa  nile Alaro
Alaro  i baa mu wa, sokoto o si gbodo sonu
Omo dudu l’egbon pupa l’ aburo
Omo Oju lo pon dudu ti o fi n ponmi fun pupa
Omo sese lode la de ilawe nile omi ya
Omo akatakanba

I guess that is as far as I can go on that front, so there is nothing else to say again except, Happy Birthday Barrister Dr.(in waiting) Aderonke, Oluwatomilola, Esther Abike. Live long and prosper, rejoice and be happy, and flex because it is your day.

This is dedicated for everyone who was born today, it is my heartfelt way of saying Happy Birthday and have a wonderful new year.

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