#FolktalesWednesday Tortoise and Dog

Hello, friends and followers, I appreciate you for joining me again this Wednesday for my regular #FolktalesWednesday story. On Folktales Wednesday, we share classic Yoruba fairy tales, you can enjoy, with you. In case this is your first time you can enjoy our #folktaleswednesday stories about  The Immoderate Lion Why The Monkey Looks Almost Human and  Why The Tortoise Has A Rough and Cracked Shell. Today Our story is about the greed of the tortoise and the cleverness of the dog, you should read and enjoy it.

Once upon a time, in the land of the animals, a tortoise and a dog were friends. Both of them, of course, were lazy and didn’t like to do any work. As a result of that, they both usually didn’t have food to eat and were despised by the other animals.

However, Tortoise started to notice a trend with Dog. Even though Dog still didn’t do any work, he had more than enough food to eat and looked sleeker and fatter than he is supposed to be. So Tortoise went to Dog and demanded to know how he was getting food to eat. Initially, Dog refused to tell Tortoise the secret (as he knew that the tortoise is a very garrulous animal and may likely leak it), but he cracked after Tortoise did not relent. He decided he would show the Tortoise where he got his food from.

Very early the next morning before dawn broke, Dog went to the Tortoise’s house and woke him up. Together they went to a farm on the outskirts of their town which had yams that were ready for harvest. Both animals started to dig up the yams.   Dog, being a smart animal, only dug up two or three yams which would be enough to serve him and his wife for a few days, but Tortoise being a greedy animal as well as a lazy one,  kept digging up more and more yams. Dog repeatedly warned him that he should do quickly so that the two of them could escape before they got caught by the owner of the farm they were stealing yams from, but Tortoise did not listen. At last, When the tortoise was satisfied with the number of yams he had dug up, he discovered that he had harvested far more than he could conveniently carry. Meanwhile, the dog knowing that the farmer would soon come around to check on his farm quickly ran away with his yams without waiting for Tortoise.  Tortoise started to call the dog to assist him to carry the yams but Dog pretended he didn’t hear Tortoise as he hurried to his home. As Tortoise struggled to carry all the yams he had dug up, the owner of the farm found him and had him arrested. The Tortoise was taken to the king to be punished for his theft, and while he was being questioned he revealed that it was the Dog that had induced him to commit the crime. So the King ordered that Dog be brought to him to answer for his crimes as well.

Meanwhile, by the time Dog got to his house, he had already heard the news that Tortoise had been caught, and he knew it was a matter of time before Tortoise gave up his name. So he told his wife to prepare a bed for him by the fire so has to make his body temperature warmer. He then covered himself up with sheets and pretended that he was seriously sick. To complete the trick, He put two raw eggs in his mouth and hid them in his cheeks. When the king’s orderlies came to arrest him, they found him shivering violently. They dragged him to the King’s palace anyway. There the King asked him, “Is it true that you went with the tortoise to this man’s farm to steal his yams?”  The dog replied in a wheezy voice “Your Majesty, how can I go with anyone to steal yams, when I have been on the sickbed since last week?” With that, he cracked one of the eggs in his cheeks and vomited out the yolk as if it was real vomit.  When the Tortoise continued to insist that Dog was lying about his sickness, the Dog tried to defend himself and cracked the other egg in his mouth, he vomited that one too.

The King was fooled by the trick, so he said to the farmer: “From the evidence we have and the way Dog has been vomiting, it must be true he has been sick, so there is no way he can steal your yams. Therefore I hereby allow him to go home and take care of his illness.  As for you Mr. Farmer you should build a fence or set traps on your farm so that nobody can steal your produce anymore.” The King, however, sent Tortoise, to prison because of his theft. That was how the greedy and lazy tortoise was punished for his crime

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