#FolktalesWednesday: Ajantala and The Three Brothers (3)

Hello, folks, today is another day of #folktaleswednesday and today’s story is the third and final part of Amos Tutuola’s Ajantala and the Three brothers. If you haven’t been following the series then you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Have fun, learn and be informed

“Now, comrades, it is sure now that we have escaped successfully from Ajantala, the Noxious Guest. But as that is sure, let us stop under this tree and eat from our food!” the tiger said cheerfully.

“Yes, you are right, tiger.  l am badly hungry and tired!” the lion agreed.

They stopped under one big tree.  They put the basket of food down and all sat round it.  They did not know that Ajantala, the Noxious Guest, was hiding inside the basket and that he had heard them as they cursed and abused him along the way.

The tiger fastened his sulky eyes on the he-goat and shouted angrily.  “What?  Somebody has eaten from this food!”.

“He-goat must be the one who has eaten from it when he stopped to relieve himself some minutes ago!” the lion shouted with anger as he too fastened his eyes on the he-goat.

But as the lion and tiger were sulky and stared at the he-goat, he denied the charge loudly: “No! l have not stolen from the food at all.  If l did, then let something bring Ajantala to us now and judge the case for us!”

The he-goat had hardly mentioned Ajanala, when Ajantala jumped from the bottom of the basket into their circle, and all of a sudden, the tiger, the lion and the he-goat were so afraid that they scattered to different places.

The lion fled to a far country and there he has lived ever since. The tiger fled to a faraway forest and there he has lived ever since.  The he-goat fled to the town and thus he has been one of the domestic animals since that day.

That was how Ajantala, the Noxious Guest, separated the lion, the tiger and the he-goat from one another, although the three of them were once, in the days gone by, born of the same father and mother.

As soon as Ajantala had eaten the whole food, he started to roam about in the jungles and forests, looking for another living creature or human being whom he would punish to his satisfaction and then return to the lroko tree inside of which was his place of abode.

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