Flash Fiction: The Sins of The Father

                         February 17 1985
The three criminals were marched onto the sands of the beach and tied to drums  awaiting execution. The curious crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle,  talked excitedly among themselves as the priest administered the last rights to the condemned men. Two of the men remained defiant and sullen, while the third, a boy of no more than twenty or twenty one sobbed continuously. From time to time he would punctuate his sobbing with screams of “please I don’t want to die!, please help me I am innocent !”. The priest hurriedly said the final prayer for his soul and withdrew, shaking his head in pity.

A hush fell on the onlookers, as the soldiers who were to perform the execution marched into formation. In moments, the soldiers had knelt down,taken aim at the condemned men and opened fire, rending the silence of the sunny afternoon with  sound of gunshots mixing with the agonized screams of the dying boy.

                     September 16 2015

In a posh surburb of Lekki Lagos state, A young man woke up with a start, the sound of guns and agonized screams ringing in his ears and his heart beating wildly. When he calmed down somewhat, he discovered sweat running down his body in rivulets and his throat felt sore. he turned on his beside lamp and checked his bedside clock. It was two a.m

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