Five Things You Should Know About Ibadan Orphanage Tour 3.0

What is the Ibadan Orphanage Tour All About?

The Ibadan Orphanage Tour is a program of the AuntyLanreInitiative, to reach to Orphans and the less privileged in the city of Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria. The orphanage tour was started in 2015 by Lanre Onasanya, Founder of Aunty Lanre Initiative. Lanre Onasanya has always looked for opportunities to help people, especially the most vulnerable members of the society. One day, she was in her house when she suddenly started to feel some ideas taking shape in her head. She got a pen and paper and began to write down the Ideas, Those rough ideas became the annual Ibadan Orphanage Tour. Every August and September since then, the AuntyLanre Initiative team has been visiting orphanages and other vulnerable people. Her marriage to Bolu Onasanya has only helped the vision grow even more and helped the message spread even wider.

So is there going to be an edition of the  Ibadan Orphanage Tour this year?

Yes, there will be. Every Saturday this August, starting from Saturday 5th of August 2017, The AuntyLanre team, led by Lanre and Bolu Onasanya, will visit 12 Orphanages in the city Ibadan (3 every Saturday of the month). This year, the tour is expected to reach out to about 500 orphans and vulnerable children living in orphanage homes across Ibadan. They will spend time playing with the kids, give them stuff and share life experiences with them.

Wow! Great. I want to help Orphans and Other Vulnerable people, But what are the things  I need to  be able to volunteer for the Ibadan Orphanage Tour?

Nothing else is required, Just the desire to help vulnerable people. No matter your age, religion or political, ethnic or social affiliation. You are welcome to help. The Ibadan Orphanage Tour is a non-political, non-ethnic, non-religious event. Anyone and everyone is welcome to help out. Donations of any kind, whether in cash or in materials are appreciated. But they are not prerequisites.

I have an Organization and I want my Organization to support/ Sponsor the Ibadan Orphanage Tour

Yes, the Ibadan Orphanage tour is very much open to partnerships and sponsorships, the most important thing is that your organization should passionate about helping orphans. Every Organization regardless of social, political or ethnic affiliation is welcome, but the Ibadan Orphanage tour is not a political event, so no political parties.

I want to know more about the Ibadan Orphanage Tour, What can I do?

Follow the hashtag #IbadanOrphanageTour, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. follow the Aunty Lanre Initiative Page on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. You can also call 08166325461 or 07069688260


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