Dear 2004 Bayo and beyond

Hello, hope you are good?  I am sure you are wondering who I am, and why this letter has a strange looking address. You are not going crazy, just be a little more patient!  I am actually you from sometime in the future. You don’t believe me? Do you remember the day you released that silent but smelly fart in class, but everybody turned on Biyi because someone caught him eating eggs during break? Still not convinced? Remember the day Janet asked you what you thought about Adebola and you told her that you thought Adebola was a proud girl? We both know it was a lie you told because you knew Janet didn’t like Adebola and you wanted Janet to help you with your mathematics assignment.  Besides do you think anybody else can create your bad handwriting and rambling style so perfectly? Are you a learner?  Finally you are convinced, so I’ll cut to the chase quickly and not try to waste your time because we both know that  being the person you are, everyone is bound to want a piece of you
   So what do I have you dear young self? I could have sent you some money If I could, but the post man says you might be tempted for instance to buy something you are not supposed to buy, which could affect the choices you make and the course of your life. So I’ll just give you three words, live, learn and love. They are very powerful words, apply them to your life and you will be unstoppable. They are things you already know so no chances of any temporal distortions here.


“Cowards die many times before their deaths, but the valiant taste death but once” so did the famous Julius Caesar say. Inside you has been planted a dream, look for the quiet place in which it resides. You have been taught the eight characteristics of living things, but your science teachers left out a ninth one, the ability to dream. You may live a few weeks without food, a few hours without water but you cannot live for more than a few seconds without a dream.  The three greatest things in the world are Faith, hope and Love.  Let them define who you are and let them drive your dreams. Know your place in the world and who you want to be. Learn the difference between pride and a sense of self worth. Pull no punches, embrace risk. Go nude, not your clothes, but the gloves that inhibit you from reaching out to the stars. However one bit of advice, in your haste to check out what life is going to bring, knowing you as I do, you may be tempted to cut out the brakes and keep your feet on the accelerator. That will only burn you out. Run in short bursts. Find time to slow down and enjoy the music life is playing for you.


Infallibility is a myth, it is only a ploy created by people who want to mess with your mind, and your wallet. Knowledge is boundless, but your life is finite. never pass up a chance to learn something new.  They will tell you it is impolite to argue, disregard that advice, because it is through argument that you broaden your mind. Play the devil’s advocate if you have to, but never leave any argument so far there is knowledge to gain from it. Because the day one stops learning is the day one starts to die. Study not just books, study people “sleep” with them, learn the things that make them tick. There is no shortcut to any achievement. You will not learn how to do it perfectly the first time. No you won’t. Do not be deceived by what you see in the movies. The ubergenius is a myth that Hollywood uses to lamely explain away the ironic laughable notion of the old mind in a youngster’s body. Rome has never been, is not, and can never be built in a day. So study, study, and study some more.   Your body will grow wrinkled but learning will make your mind ageless. Every theory has an opposite argument, never be content with one version of any story. Yes, It may be conventional knowledge and No,that doesn’t make it right.  An open mind is an asset, the man who has it will enjoy the best life has to offer. Ignorance and a prejudiced mind are twin sisters. Together they form a wall where you will never be able to see life as it passes you by. Challenge everything you believe in but in the end let your conscience and your conscience only be your guide.

This is the greatest law, have faith in God, have faith in your fellow man, if you feel some way about someone, tell them. Be honest about your intentions. Erotic love is not inherently evil; don’t let anyone bullshit you that it is. Be in the friend zone, in a world that barely knows what it means to love itself, make it a point of duty to be a friend to anyone who needs it. The word “friend” has more powerful connotations than people care to find out., people want to “love” but they don’t want to be” friends” with people they are ” in love with.” Don’t be in a hurry to be a lover and don’t ever pass up a chance to be a friend. They don’t know it but people need friends more than they need lovers. But never be a lover in the friend zone, it is like the blind man who says he’s only sleeping, he’s only fooling himself. Let your treasures be where your heart is. Do not hold people to the poor standards to which they hold themselves, have no enemies, and doubt no man until he has proven himself unworthy. Even after that keep in mind that every dog has its day. Keep your heart open to everyone, have a smile ready for everyone and every occasion. Follow your heart, it will lead you to many dead ends and into many holes, but it will lead you to happiness. Above all love yourself, take care of your body and be careful whom you share it with, for it is the greatest treasure you have. Nourish your soul and feed your spirit because they are your greatest assets. Techie gadgets are just that, mere gadgets. I know most of you people don’t know what social media is yet. But you will in a few years. When you do, it will look like the return of Jesus Christ. That is why I must reiterate this: social media is just social media, techie gadgets are just gadgets. The person behind the gadget and the gadget are two different entities.  The greatest mistake you can make in life is to think they are the same
    If I have been only speaking in general terms it is because, your dreams are yours and yours alone.(I could tell you that you’ll be made social prefect and also be elected as president of the Press club next year, but that might turn you into a jerk before time). I am trying to stick with the advice of the postman here to avoid talking about specifics, So don’t expect me to tell you whether it is right or not tell Adebola what you feel about her, (by the way, that new girl in your class you’re planning to chat up? Don’t bother, she is a stuck up jerk who is not worth the effort, okay maybe I couldn’t let that one just go by like that).
And a last bit of advice, keep supporting Arsenal FC in time you will discover that there is no other club that can teach you what life is all about like they can. Life is mostly about hardwork interspersed with a few moments of brilliance when it all comes together.  I don’t know if I would ever be able to write again anytime soon or ever again, but I hope you will able to pick something out of all my rambling. I must go now

From my heart to yours


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