Before You become an Atheist

Faith means not wanting to know what is true. — Friedrich Nietzsche

. Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile. —Kurt Vonnegut

“What has ‘theology’ ever said that is of the smallest use to anybody? When has ‘theology’ ever said anything that is demonstrably true and is not obvious? What makes you think that ‘theology’ is a subject at all?” —Richard Dawkins 

It was on Sunday when I returned from church and discovered that the twittersphere was on fire over some comments reportedly made by the General overseer of the Living Faith  Church, Bishop David Oyedepo to President  Goodluck Jonathan about “opening the gates of hell on some people,” as the back and forth  “did he?” “Didn’t he?” this funny picture appeared on my timeline.


And sure enough I started seeing tweets denouncing a God who allows his name to be dragged into such controversy. It made me cast my mind to an episode of “Talk to Aljazeera” where a journalist asked famed writer, professor and self confessed Atheist Richard Dawkins. “Would the world be a better place if there was no God?

This question and variants of it have been asked several times over the past few months especially given that religious insurgency is the new uncomfortable reality that the world has to face, Boko Haram, ISIL, JeSuisCharlie are all examples that could make the staunchest defenders of religion throw their hands up in exasperation and say “I am not sure what I believe in anymore”

I try to avoid arguments about the existence of God as much as I can, for the simple reason that I find it a waste of energy and time. As a Christian I believe that God is capable of proving his existence to anybody, and how he chooses to do so is his prerogative. Otherwise, there is no way a human can prove the existence of God without proselytizing.  However I do follow some atheists, including the high profile ones like Dawkins and Hawking. One thing I have noticed about atheists is that usually they can’t carry on an argument against the existence of a divine being,, without recourse to the to the “God is an asshole who is used by some unscrupulous human beings to control gullible “Sheeple” (I stole the term from a dick jokes website unfortunately)  and turn them into fundamentalist, judgemental assholes” argument.  This tedious argument gives the impression that that our atheist friends are unable to or maybe they are just unwilling to admit that God is different from religion. The Dawkins quote above raises the question? “Does the weaknesses of Theology, which is human created, mean that there is no supreme divine being?” Religion/ Theology like any other institution is flawed because the human nature is imperfect,  but to argue there is no supreme being in the universe because the human perception of faith is imperfect and can be used by a few individuals to further selfish ends, is a strawman’s argument that People who claim to be knowledgeable enough to know God is  a fraud  should not fall for.

The really interesting thing about atheists is that they are more often than not scientists and philosophers, people who have read a lot of books and who therefore think they understand how the world works. Like Plato’s famous allegory of the cave, these men of the book feel it is their duty to enlighten the rest of us who are busy looking at shadows about what the real world looks like. And you can see that in the insufferably arrogant way they go about it, the way they regard people that believe in a divine being are stupid, people who have allowed themselves to be led by the nose like sheep. So from the prominent atheists I have listened to the point of the “I don’t believe in God thing” more like, “I am smart because I have read the books. You on the other hand allow one pastor or Imam to lead you by the nose,  you are a moron and I am better than you.”  This quote from Dawkins proves my point. “The enlightenment is under threat. So is reason. So is truth. So is science … We have to devote a significant proportion of our time and resources to defending it from deliberate attack from organized ignorance …”

Atheists look more badass when they say “see, I am free thinking, and independent  I am not like some people who are always in  bondage.” It is the same way Americans view people in Russia or North Korea.  The atheism of people like Dawkins and Vonnegut  is just an inability to imagine that with their book knowledge, they are subject to some entity. So in a  way just as religious people are judgemental and fundamentalist assholes, so also are atheists ( or the more popular ones like Nietzche Vonnegut, and Dawkins amomg others) judgemental  arrogant douchbags (which explains why they appear like wolves when it’s time to attack religious people), because they believe they are better  and smarter than everybody else

Now back to our question “Will the world be a better place if there was no God?” my answer is no, because people will always be assholes to other people, they only need an excuse. Professors look down on University dropouts, Bosses look down on subordinates, and, straight people look down on gay people. And a man once ordered the killing of more than eleven million people because he felt they were not fit to live. And religion had nothing to do with it (Jesus Christ was a Jew after all) Maybe our atheist friends are indirectly right. Maybe God is not the asshole, maybe man is.

So what have I been going on about all day? You are free to not believe whatever you don’t want to believe in. We will not force our religion on you, but please don’t force your atheism on us either. However if you care to ask me to choose between an army of sheep led by a wolf and an army of wolves with no leader, I know what my reply will be.

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  1. Hawkings married a christian who married him cos ‘God told her to’. The irony. Thorough,well written piece. The title though,didn’t capture the essense of your argument

  2. I’m an atheist, or so I thought…I’ll now remodel my life to fit into that described above.

    You might have implied that religion is flawed…but you did well to avoid it.

    NB: I’ve never questioned a single deist’s believe. Just like every other ‘aberration’, atheists are pepersecuted and maybe, just maybe that’s why those you mentioned became wolves.

    Wonder why agnostics never have issues with atheists?? Spirituality never was a problem, religion is. It was a religion that ordered the public execution of the “enlightened” people you mentioned above.

    No single atheist embarks on some sort of missionary journey to win ‘converts’. That you see some atheists speaking out is the same reason we have the Civil Rights movement, LGBT Rights movement, Gender equality movement, etc. The bible you hold on to calls unbelievers fools. What could be more condescending??

    Over 70% of the world’s scientists are atheists. If they did look down on people, you’d know.


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