In every class, you will find a young man who is always willing to argue. Be careful before you shut him up, he might probably be the only one listening


Hysterical laughter from the throats of elders


The cacophony of voices of their children

Anger’s children

Coherently incoherent in speech,

And consistently inconsistent

In their convictions

Daggers drawn bellies receiving

Harpoons set jugular endangering

Sword of words subversively delivered

Facts distorted

Truth corrupted



Harmonized guffaws

From the ones who enslave us

Our confusion their joy

Our fights and battles their entertainment

Children of anger they call us

Spawns of confusion we truly are

Mutual hatred and bile


Birthed in ignorance

Fuelled by arrogance

And pride

Not for motherland

It is all about our bruised egos

Symphony of confusion

Cacophony of opinions

Commonsense takes the backseat

Conversations driven by arrogance

Shhhhh……. do not disturb

Mudslinging in progress

In robes of dirt we all now dress

Hurling insults

Trading blames

Cacophony of thoughts

Symphony of distortion

Accusations and rebuttals

Energy dissipating

Nation building ignoring

Peace still elusive

Now the looters stay looting

Youths one another keep abusing

We against us divided

By our egos and opinions

They amongst themselves

United in dishonour

Laughing and mocking

Plundering and pillaging

Their mirth a harmony

Our voices a symphony of confusion                                               Oluwagbenga Osowe (@gbengaosowe):   Symphony of Confusion

    Before we move on, let me reiterate that the thought today is not about the Ekiti 50k “crisis”, (not entirely anyway). That issue is already dead and buried. It is just a general reference to the recent dalliances between our young social media activists and politicians. And heaven knows we have had enough of these “developmental” engagements and the controversies that inevitably follow them for it to become a cause for concern.  And this is why we are angry;   should we not be angry when for so long we have seen the older generation claim that they want a transformation for this country yet they continue to do the same things the same ways?  Should we not be angry when we see something discordant with our “shared” ideals and our vision for a new Nigeria? Should we not be angry if even with our “childishness” we can see solutions that they with their “experience” have obstinately remained blind to? Should we not be angry when we see people who are at the tail end of their lives waste the seed for our generation without even a slight regard for the future? And then should we not be angry if we start to sense that some of these so called experienced leaders are trying to co-opt forward thinking youths into their nefarious schemes, trying to buy their creativity, passion and anger with the status quo for a mess of pottage (or fifty thousand naira if you please)? 
What would you rather have us do instead? To sit still  and watch you do whatever it is  you are doing with  the same “elders” who for so long have fooled and conned us, without comment? Okay you may have hearts of gold, but so does a hardboiled egg. How can we passively accept these things without asking questions? How can you complain about our willingness to want to argue when you who are young people yourselves know that we don’t know everything, unlike those “elders” who are laughing at us who believe they have seen it all? How can you accuse us of “mudslinging” when we are only seeking clarification for things we don’t understand and which your task is to explain to us?  Why are we not going to get angry and impatient when you know that  those attributes are at the foundation of our idealism and without that idealism, there is no desire to change things, and without the desire to change things we are doomed? Well I am sorry to disappoint you; we can’t afford to not be angry, because we are young.
    If there is one thing we should learn from young children, it is the fact that they incessantly ask questions, they don’t know anything and they are not too shy to admit they don’t. It would be an extremely grave injustice to deny a child the right to knowledge or to stifle his creativity by being impatient with his questioning. If you people, whom we (and even the so called “old” people who are now laughing at the “disunity” among us, hence the invitations for developmental evaluations) regard as frontrunners in this struggle for a better Nigeria are acting like prickly parents, because some of us are asking for a just little more clarification on an issue that we all know has the potential to be a source of controversy down the line, why then won’t we be angry? Do you want us to become like our elders, apathetic and uninterested?   Okay, some of us have been “ignorantly” saying things that are not “true”, but then is “ignorance” not a characteristic of youth? Or is it not the Yorubas who say that “someone asks about an issue because he wants to know everything about it?” if you did everything with good intentions as you claimed, is it not then proper to try an explain things to us, knowing that the fact that an inquisitive child asks his parents questions incessantly, but he   does not have any problems agreeing with them if they give him convincing enough answers?
    So the so called elders are laughing at us, so what? Who cares what they think?  Do they understand that the arguments we are having now is not because of any disunity, it is because we don’t want to miss the road like they have done. Yes they label us as “ignorant”; they laugh at us for having so much anger and passion.  It is because they have none, it because like old dogs, they can no longer learn new tricks, they are so far down the road to know how to undo the problems they have created. Yes let them laugh. they are laughing because they have forgotten what it feels like to have an inquisitive mind, they have forgotten what it feels like to dream, to be angry to want to question the status quo, to not want to condone corruption and injustice. So let us ask our questions, let us be angry, let us sling mud at you, let us attack you with spears, and let us complain about things we can’t understand” The egg” they say “becomes the cock,” and nobody ever became the consummate intellectual capable of asking enlightened questions and giving informed opinions on issues in one night. Yes we have a right to be “ignorant”. it is better to be angry than to be apathetic, yes let our voices be a symphony of confusion, because the day we all start to become unanimous in thought is the day we become doomed  to failure like them. So yes we are entitled to our egos and opinions, because we are young. 

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  1. Thought provoking, and well explained without the explanation. I thought exactly the same things. This war of pride would never end. it has to fuel change, checks and balances.

    1. thanks very much for taking out time to read the piece it is extremely amusing when I hear people complain that youths complain too much. how is change to come if we are not dissatisfied with what we see

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