Another Year Starts Today (A Birthday Poem)

(For me, Dammie,Yinka, Chuks and every body born on August 23rd)

It is time once again to take another step up the ladder
A ladder stretching from the moment of birth
To that undiscovered country ruled by the impartial sage
Unbound by the confines of matter and space
The lonely road which must be walked by one and alone

Whether the road so far be full of fears
Or it be paved with the stones of blood or the tar of our tears
Or whether it be caressed by the comfort of kings
Sating our seeking with silver spoons
“Forward! Forward!! Calls the patient, timeless sage
As the book today opens to a new fresh page

There is still so much to be seen along this way
Where we are coming from pales
Compared to the journey we start today
The years we have known are like children at play
Forward forward we must go to make ourselves a way
Because somewhere, hopefully still far away
The grim, stealthy one waits – to do what he will- take us out and away

Today the implacable sage so old and grey
Cuts another notch on our glorious totem
May the journey that starts for us today
Bring wings to our feet and smiles to our lips
May the winds of heaven and goodspeed
Hold high our sails and bring us soothing breezes
May our sails rally strong against the storms
And our feet stay strong on this difficult path

Because for us another year starts today
Let us cheer, cheer more and cheer again

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