What is football to you? A lot of people see a football as a rough and meaningless pursuit where twenty two people run after a ball, other people see it as a game that unites people regardless of race, gender or social status, some other people see it as a game where one learns to be a man, where the qualities of teamwork, bravery and resilience are learnt. Me? I see it as life itself. After nearly two and a half decades on earth, four fifths of which has been spent watching soccer and after countless soccer games watched, I feel you should allow me that opinion.
I can’t remember the exact football game I was watching, or what the result of that game was, all I remember was that something happened in that game, and I found myself comparing the relationships I have had through the years, with the round leather game of football. The following sets of writings are as a result of that comparison. This piece is a preamble to a series of musings that will hopefully (and I mean hopefully here) come over the next few weeks. Football is more of a game of passion rather than logic, so football fanatics like me can hardly be expected to be logical. However I know non football fanatics will read this, so I owe them as a writer to be as logical as possible. I am a soccer fanatic so I know a lot about soccer, but I am still a learner when it comes to relationships so readers should kindly bear with me if the write-ups are tilted more towards football than relationships. I have also tried to make the football terms used as self explicit as possible. I know will you enjoy these musings of a football fanatic. I sincerely hope you do.

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