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It has been that every story has an element of the real in it, and George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, perhaps one of the greatest stories ever told, is said to be inspired by actual events in European history. Having followed the story of ASOIAF and watched Game of Thrones its adapted TV series I could not help comparing the events to the Nigerian situation more so that the 2015 elections in Nigeria starts in less than a week. So in between the boredom of waiting for the 5th season and the fascination with the political undertones of the series, I have done an analysis of 10 prominent GOT characters and how they compare to 10 prominent people in Nigerian politics.

   The comparisons of course are not all perfect and I might have missed a few things. One last warning however, in the words of Shaggy in “Church Heathen”  “If you take this too serious then you really need some church.” So ladies and gentlemen I present to you Naija Game of Thrones.

King Robert Baratheon is President GEJ,


Robert would easily go down as one of the most popular kings in Westeros at the time of his coronation. He is particularly noted for wresting power away from a family which had held it for so long (for Naija equivalent read ethnic group), but he became increasingly unpopular as time went on, because he failed to provide leadership for his people, preferring to indulge in other activities and outsourcing his power to others. More importantly he failed to control his own queen and she contributed to his downfall. But underrate his team at your own peril, because, the Baratheon/Lannister team has plenty of resources as well as some capable and proven winners (they won the battle of the five kings after all), And they already beat team Stannis once. However with the presidential election only a few days away, is the fact that Robert Baratheon died in the series a pointer to GEJ’S defeat at the polls? Only time will tell.

GMB is Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon is the polar opposite of Robert, just as GMB is being touted as the opposite of GEJ. Where Robert  is the popular, flamboyant and  fun loving guy, Stannis looks like an tough looking austere, disciplined man who would feel he deserves a shot at the kingship, after being by passed by an unworthy Robert.  The resemblance between GMB and Stannis Baratheon becomes more uncanny, when we realize that towards the Season finale of the 4th Season, Stannis is in a sort of alliance with Jon Snow, who is about the only surviving Stark still resident in the North.  With allies like Melisandre, Ser Davos and the Iron bank of Braavos backing him, Stannis has gone from being a pretender to a major contender for the Iron throne. The question here is will the Lannister beat him again as they did before? Or, is this the year GMB will finally win the war and knock GEJ off his pedestal?

And while we are talking Baratheons and Lannisters

Patience Jonathan is Queen Cersei Lannister

This is a no brainer of course given that she is King Robert’s queen. Then there is this problem of  She thinking herself as a master strategist when everybody else (including her own family members) thinks she is not as smart as she thinks she is. Indeed she has already made a string of terrible decisions that are harming her husband’s chances as King, yet she remains headstrong and paranoid and won’t listen to advice. One thing she knows how to do right though is to use the enormous resources she has to get her way. For her it is a question how much longer is she likely to survive given that the people who were her former allies have left her.

And there is another Lannister coming

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo is Ser Jamie Lannister

Okay as far as I know, He is not commiting incest with Patience Jonathan, so the incest doesn’t count, but in other respects Baba Iyabo could easily be the Kingslayer. He is a member of the kingsguard he is also knight that killed mad king Aerys Tagaryen, bringing an end to the tyranny of the Targaryens (read the military), and he was (technically) king for a few hours before he handed the kingdom to Robert Baratheon. Jamie like Obasanjo is one of the most ambivalent characters in the series.  He started the series as a bad guy (breaking his oath to protect the king, screwing his own twin sister, pushing Bran Stark off the Winterfell tower, attempting to kill Ned Stark,), but the interesting thing here is that Obasanjo like Jamie, has suprising changed sides, he has turned against his own family (see also Party) including even his own sister and former lover and is claiming to want to keep the oath he swore to Catelyn Stark, (whose family incidentally is also being courted by Stannis). The question for Obasanjo like Ser Jamie is  has he done well to desert a sinking ship? or will the decision to abandon a family where he is regarded as the golden boy come to bite him on the arse?

Danaerys Targaryen  is Abubakar/Boko Haram

Now I know this will offend some people, given that the Kahleesi is one of the most beloved characters in the series. But let us do a critical examination.  A member of a family who believe it is their right to rule Westeros?  Check. The character whose Mantra is “taking back her kingdom with fire and blood?” Check. Big fire spitting dragons even she cannot control? Check. An army of brainwashed insurgents whose sworn duty  is to die for their leader? Check. Forget Emilia Clarke’s can’t hurt a fly visage, Danaerys  is as callous and ruthless as they come, more so for a woman,  as she showed  to the slavers in Mereen and Yunkai. And like Abubakar Shekau in his videos, she believes she is doing the right thing and doesn’t  often feel any remorse for the people she kills even when sufficient proof suggests that some of her victims are innocent. So love the Khaleesi all you want but you can’t argue the fact that if you are looking for a character whose modus operandi mirrors that of Boko Haram, the Khaleesi is your woman.

Babatunde Raji Fashola is Jon Snow

So far in the series, every one’s favourite bastard (Jon Snow, not BRF of course) has not come to the centre of the action, preferring to do his own thing on the sidelines. First of all Jon is in charge of the Wall, one of the oldest and most appreciated monuments in Westeros, which however has been neglected over the years for a new capital (is GRRM secretly Nigerian or something?). His style of leading at the wall has been inspirational and exemplary, despite a perceived Lannister effort to undermine him. He has been tested in battle, passed with flying colours and he is now regarded as a force to reckon with in Westeros .For now though, he prefers to stay on the wall and not join Stannis army for the battle for King’s Landing, however he has accepted a sort of alliance with the Baratheon General, and everybody knows that he is clearly cut out for great things. He is definitely going to be playing a big role in Westerosi future sooner or later but if team Stannis (read also team GMB) wins that big role could be soon rather than later for Lord Snow.

And while we are in the north…

Ramsay Snow is Ayodele Fayose

Remember Ramsay Snow, the son of lord Roose Bolton, who took over Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy, and humiliated the young Theon, that obnoxious ruthless man who took advantage of the fact that Winterfell is in the hand off a young and crippled Bran Stark, to betray his fellow Northmen for favour from the Lannisters. He is in charge of Winterfell now and he is carrying on being a pain in the ass while being egged on by the authorities at Kings Landing. There is this feeling  that Ramsay Snow’s power is tied to his masters at kings landing and  the  other Northmen are waiting for the Baratheons to die out so that they can turn against him and his father Lord Roose of the Dreadfort.

Kayode Fayemi  is Brandon Stark

Again an imperfect comparison, given that JKF is not in anyway crippled, but other than that the comparison fits perfectly. First of all unlike his elder brothers, Bran is perceived  as some sort of thinker and not much of a hardy rugged  Northman like his father or his brothers or Lord Walder Frey and Roose Bolton,(even his direwolf is called Summer),  when Bran is put in charge of Winterfell , it was inevitable that he lost it when Theon Greyjoy and the Lannister backed Ramsay Snow showed up. Bran is beyond the wall at present, hoping to learn a few things about life. And there is this feeling that alongside his bastard half brother Jon Snow, Bran Stark has a role to play in Westerosi events

Rotimi Amaechi is Sandor Clegane

He is easily one of the most recognizable character in the series, the Lannisters especially Joffrey,  refer to him as “the dog”  huge, strong  and vicious, The “Hound”  is a devoted agent of Party (House) Lannister, but it is  increasing obnoxiousness of the Lannisters especially Cersei, that turns him against the Lannisters and into a sellsword.  As  the  series go on,  He does  an about face from being a Lannister to a Stark protector, even turning himself into Arya Stark’s defender, when Brienne tried to take her from him. And like Amaechi, the Hound could have ransomed Arya to Lysa Arryn  at the Eyrie and become a sellsword for the Arryns who are allies to the  Starks, and by extension Stannis Baratheon,  if Lysa had not suddenly been killed by Lord Littlefinger.   The Hound is another character whose “Death”(it was never shown that he died after all) is a portent,  has Rotimi Amaech like the Hound taken it too far this time?

And while we are talking about Sellswords

Femi Fani Kayode is Bronn of the Blackwater

Both are good at what they  do, Bronn is an extremely good sword fighter, FFK is an extremely eloquent yarn spinner, they both emerged from relative obscurity to the centre of events, and  they both don’t care which team they are playing for so far they get rewarded,  do I need to say more?

Folks there you have it, I know I have kept some of your favorite GOT characters out, as well as some of mine too, I would like to hear your thoughts on the piece and on the series itself. Cheerio

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