5 Things You Should Know About Agricmania

 An Agribusiness Initiative just started in Nigeria this year. Here are five things you need to know about it.

How did Agricmania even come about?

Agricmania is an online community of vibrant and aspiring agriculturists who share a common goal of developing the agricultural value chain in Nigeria.

The vision and mission of Agricmania, which has Adegbite Adetunji, an Ibadan, Nigeria based Engineer and passionate Agriculture enthusiast as one of its co-founders is to create an online platform that is committed to encouraging and improving private sector participation in agribusiness practices.  It is also aimed at building an online community to be targeted at individuals with expertise in various fields in the Agricultural value chain and incorporating them into developing a modernized and technologically driven agribusiness enterprise.

 Over the years, farmers and agricultural stakeholders in Nigeria have not had the opportunity to sell their products the way they would have wished and because of a number of factors, not in the least due to a chronic shortage of media of linkages between producers and consumers, thereby making agriculture a profession of drudgery. However,  It is expected that the innovations in  Agriculture in Nigeria at the moment  will enhance the rise of  organized middlemen platforms like Agricmania,  to give farmers and agriculturists the will and opportunity to multiply their gain and to receive value for their productivity

So how does Agricmania do this?

Agricmania is a platform meant to avail Nigerian farmers and other producers of Agric products opportunities to meet with the buyers anywhere in the world. It also avails sales of products through information presentation of the farmers’ product schedule and farm practices. Thousands of potential buyers have the opportunity to view listed products and discussions daily. Agricmania’s  E-library is full of up to date information and resources on improved agricultural processes and practices. The Agricmania platform is run by a group of young people who are passionate about Agriculture and promotion of agriculture based businesses.

What services will I find on the Agricmania Platform?

Agricmania offers a one stop Market where farmers can list their products and the services they offer and their prices and where buyers and consumers can check the latest prices of Agric materials. Also, the platform has a Blog where farmers and other stakeholders in Agriculture can get informed on the best Agricultural practices around the world in order to remain competitive. There also offers a Forum, where stakeholders in Agriculture can go to share their thoughts, concerns, and experiences about doing Agribusiness in Nigeria. Get on the website www. agricmania.com.ng to get the full range of the platform’s  services.

I am interested in doing Agribusiness in Nigeria, but I don’t what to do or how to do it, can Agricmania help me?

Yes, Agricmania can help. The platform works with professionals in the various fields in the Agric business and they are available every day of the week for consultancy and advice. Also get on the website and follow the blog. Also, you can register to join the forum and get expert opinions and advice on what the best Agricultural business venture to embark on.

I think I like this how do I sign up on Agricmania

Great! you can go to the Agricmania website or send an email to the team at agricmania@gmail.com you can also call 2348062330198 or download the  App on Google Play Store. Also, follow the platform on twitter and Facebook

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