5 reasons why Anti Conformity is worse than Conformity ( 2)

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anti conformity

#3.You’re Going to conform to all the other Anti conformists

If a bunch of you strive to be 180 degrees from something, you’re all going to end up in the same spot. This wouldn’t be a problem if you all just picked things you liked instead of trying to all be as different as possible from a specific target.

Take the Twilight craze for example. Now, Twilight is pretty awful. But even worse than Twilight fans were anti-Twilight obsessives. This is a group of people that would take any pretext to hold forth on why Twilight is awful, as if they were breaking the news to people who had been trapped in a cave for 20 years. Not just because they didn’t like Twilight, but because they were attempting a saucy in-your-eye rebellion against some kind of monolithic Twilight-loving establishment they thought was dominating society because two or three women in their life wouldn’t shut up about the series. The fascinating thing was that there were a ton of people like this, and you couldn’t tell them apart, because their rants were almost identical. Here they were thinking that they were rare rebels brave enough to tell it like it is, in a way that would upset the mouth-breathing Twilight lovers they assume populate any place they go to, when they’re actually part of a lockstep army of people not only stating the same opinion but even making the same jokes and fixating on the same points (Taylor Lautner sure does go shirtless a lot! Edward is actually more like a stalker! The vampires SPARKLE!).

So, again, they wind up forming a group just as monolithic as the one they hate. And that makes perfect sense as a behavior; people want to belong to groups. It’s human nature, we’re social animals. Blindly rejecting it just automatically enrolls you in group of other people also blindly rejecting it. The difference is they don’t know they’re in a group, so wind up having less self-awareness than the people in the mindless horde.

#2.The Things You Change To Be “Different” Usually Don’t Matter Anyway

It’s a rare person who actually changes anything significant about their personality straight out of anti conformity, or spite. Nobody, in an effort to avoid joining the crowd, changes their work ethic or religious beliefs — not for more than a couple of weeks anyway. That kind of change is hard.

So if you’re just trying to be different because you want to be different, you usually change your hair color or your clothes or the music you listen to. Maybe you change your hobbies from tennis to writing depressing poetry. Maybe you throw out your Barbies and start collecting newspaper articles on serial killers. Maybe you make everyone stop calling you Gordon and start calling you Ryuzaki. The truth is that none of that really changes much about who you are. If anything, it might give you a false sense of accomplishment that you’ve distanced yourself from your embarrassing past or your sordid family history or whatever you’re trying to get away from.

Really changing your life takes a lot more work than that and sure isn’t going to happen with a knee-jerk reaction against some cosmetic things that symbolize your past or background. You’d have to really look at your deep-seated bad habits (or even addictions, if you have them) or maybe change your career, or go into counseling to fix a relationship, or maybe even change your diet. These things aren’t fun and don’t give you the little rush of, say, getting a new hat nobody else has. But they’ll actually make a difference.

 can it get more badass than this?

#1. You’re denying who you are

Here let us take a hypothetical example of a guy called Jeff. Jeff  really loves reading Linda Ikeji’s blog and Fifty Shades Of Grey, but  He is  confused because of a desire to be an anti- conformist, he believes  that those who read those things are shallow minded (NB: this is not a personal attack on Linda Ikeji’s blog or Fifty Shades of Grey). Yet he still finds himself sneaking off to the Brazzers website when nobody else is looking.

Now, there is nothing really educative on Linda Ikeji’s blog, and Fifty Shades of Grey has little merit beyond its eroticism, therefore we can say Jeff has poor taste in books. But that’s who he is, and all his attempts to be “different,” to “try to find a distinct identity and separate himself from the mainstream” have just put him in another little box of rules that still keep him from doing what he likes.

The point is that whether you’re trying mainly to be like other people or trying mainly to not be like other people, either way you’ll be too busy to learn how to try to be yourself. No matter how different we are, we’re all going to die one day, but one truth that every anti conformist wishing to live on the fringes should consider is that when that day comes, and you’re halfway down the digestive system of a bear, do you want to remember having lived your life based on what you wanted, and what you thought was right, or do you want to remember a life based on either what other people told you to do, or not do? You’ll be in unimaginable agony either way, but still, I like to think it matters.
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